• Nightly Discussion #78

    Hey there! Good evening everyone. Do you think that fusions look differently based on the chosen age of the gems that make it up? I've seen fan art of a younger 80's Opal, since Amethyst looked a lot younger back then. We've seen from the show that at the very least, clothing can change if a gem regenerates (Sugilite). So, even though a fusion between two gems will always make the same gem, can that fusion have a different appearance based on the 'age' of the gems making it up?

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  • Drawing Things Out #71

    Heyo! Hope you've got some cool Friday plans! If you don't, enjoy this art, and then join the nightly discussion in a couple hours!

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  • "Guitar Dad" Steven Universe Fan Trailer

    This is a super cool trailer! I mean, who wouldn't watch a movie all about Greg and Rose in the 80's? The editing on this video is fantastic, so be sure to give it a watch!

  • Everything Wrong with Together Breakfast in 3 Minutes or Less

    Here's another analysis of everything wrong with an SU episode! Dang, these take a lot of dedication to make. Be sure to check out the latest installment from SourceMaster_, after the break! This one has the highest sin count so far!

  • Animation: Fabulous Space Loaf

    It's an animation for gay space loafs! Is it okay to make references to Tumblr humor? Or would you guys rather I not? Are fandom memes and tropes common enough that I don't have to worry about BCB followers having no idea what I'm talking about? Anyway, enjoy the animation!

  • AMV: Let It Burn

    Angsty songs just seem to fit SU, y'know? Enjoy this AMV, that hightlights pretty much all the tear-wrenching moments of the series!

  • The Dog-Nut

    Pegasus Boot submitted this video of him eating an entire dog-nut! I give him props for finishing the whole thing, even it doesn't look like he used the same flavor of donuts as seen in the episode. Check out the real live dog-nut, after the break!

  • Comic: For Her / Human Babies / Perfect Disguise

    Click for full view to see all of these Peridot moments!

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  • Fan Theory: Is Lion Steven's Mom?

    Cartoon Conspiracy takes a good look at the fan theory that Rose could be Lion. So, what do you think? Does the theory stand up? Check out the video below, then leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • Animation: Fallen Angel

    How cool is this fandom that I can dig up a new animation every single day? Take a look at this one, which is pretty heavy on the sad side.