• Nightly Discussion #287

    As the hiatus rolls on, we all gotta find some way of keeping a little Steven Universe in our hearts and minds! This site provides a plethora, from fan songs to fan AMVs to fan animations, and some amazing art and comics. But my personal neck of the woods is fanfics. So for tonight, how about we talk fanfics? How many of y'inz have a fair share of fics on your reading list? Any favorites you found here? Any favorites we have yet to feature here? Any favorite genres you think are under-represented?
  • Drawing Things Out #281

    Lapis Lazuli by Shihuyan

    While Emerald's away, Mynder shall-!... Panic about not remembering how to run a website and frantically try to get everything together. How y'all doin' tonight?

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  • Fan Theory: Jasper's Redemption Arc

    A great theory, but beware of spoilers! With various clips released  but no airdate announced, it's a little hard to keep the BCB totally spoiler free. But, always watch for the tag! If you're not worried about spoilers, check out the theory about the big buff cheeto puff below!

  • AMV: Until We Go Down

    Check out this super cool AMV! Very well done, and it's the user's first SU AMV to boot! Don't miss it!

  • Music: Peace and Love (Cover) / Stronger Than You (Remix) / We Are the Crystal Gems (Cover)

    Check out the great tunes we've got for you, after the break!

    1.) Peace and Love (Cover)
    2.) Stronger Than You (Remix)
    3.) We Are the Crystal Gems (Cover)

  • Ukulele Tutorial for "Love Like You" from Steven Universe

    Ready to learn a great SU song? This is the short version, not the extended pieced together version, but it's still beautiful and will sound great! Learn to play from the video below!

  • Fan Theory: Garnet Knows

    Garnet is a very protective gem. She's not one to take threats to the team lightly. She's also usually all about being informed and getting the full story on things. So why would she ignore something major in an episode? Does she know more than she's letting on?

  • Comic: YELLOW DIAMOND / blue diamond


     Enjoy a pair of comics showing the raw power of Yellow and Blue Diamond!

  • Steven Universe Review - Lion 3: Straight to Video

    Here's AJ, with his latest episode review! A great episode that that wonderfully showed Connie and Steven fighting together. They've definitely improved since then, as can be seen in 'Nightmare Hospital'. Check out the review below!

  • Story: Pawn

    Greg Universe for Katy Farina’s Steven Universe Collab.
    [Slice of Life]

    Author: BarracudaHeart
    Description: Greg knows all too well how important it is to know your worth before you sell yourself to people who may not have your best interest at heart. For Corey WW's SU Reddit Writing Prompts: Greg interacting with another character besides Rose or Steven.
  • 3 AM AMV: Over the Gravity Universe | Wolf in Sheep's Clothing


    Happy Halloween! uh, wait, I mean Happy Easter! I guess! Really, any time of year is a good time for a good spooky AMV. Don't let the thumbnail throw you off, Steven's in this one! I promise! This AMV crosses over with Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall, so if you're a fan of those (or even if you're not, it's pretty well put-together) enjoy!