• Nightly Discussion #122

    With new information revealed about Pearl(s), how do you all feel about her relationship with Rose? Do you think her devotion to her was merely because of what was ingrained into her programming? Or did she really care for Rose in a way far deeper than other Pearl's cared for their masters? Give your thoughts below, and enjoy tonight's discussion!

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  • Drawing Things Out #115

    There's a ton of awesome art waiting for you, after the break!

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  • Turkish Steven Universe Commercial

    Check out this awesome video that Cartoon Network Turkey put together! They even wrote a new song to the tune of We Are the Crystal Gems. At the end, there seems to be 10 seconds of original animation (as you can see from the preview above). Be sure to give the video below a watch.

  • Lapis Lazuli Cosplay Tutorial

    A super cool Lapis Lazuli costume tutorial! This is really informative, but seems to be geared more towards those who have made a costume before. If you've been looking for a great Lapis outfit tutorial, look no further!

  • Doug Walker Vlogs: 'Future Vision'

    Looks like Channel Awesome has been pumping out these SU vlogs! Check out the latest analysis from Doug Walker, after the break!

  • Spotlight Music: Report

    This original song sounds like something Sour Cream would play at one of his DJ sets! Check out this sweet beat, after the break!

  • Fan Theory: The Secret Map to Homeworld

    If there's one thing this show likes to do, it's pepper episodes with hints about the future. There are so many little details everywhere, it's difficult for one person to catch them all. Luckily, SU fans are masters of coming up with theories!

    The theory below actually seems to hold some merit. The connections mentioned have shown up in various episodes, and yet have never been explained in depth or talked about yet. So this theory could turn out to be totally true. Check out this awesome fan theory and comment below about how plausible you think it is!

  • Comic: Intervention / Punch / Rocks

    We've got some great comic for you this afternoon! Click them all for full view!

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  • Animation: Nameless World

    This is a really gorgeous animation! The creator says they aren't going to finish it, which is a shame! Lars, Sadie, and Steven make an appearance in this great animation, so check it out!

  • Story: Stop Singing

    “No time to explain!’

    Author: Artdirector123
    Description: A series of drabbles based off of the Historical Jasper AU, Where Jasper was left on Earth after the war and wanders it as she tries to avoid the crystal gems and slowly comes to enjoy humanity.
    Stop Singing

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Historical Jasper