• Nightly Discussion #112

    Good evening everyone, and happy Thursday! Do you think the fusions used to help take care of baby Steven too? Or do you think the gems were really hands off, and let Greg raise him, until Steven moved in? Have a good chat tonight!

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  • Drawing Things Out #105

    Of course, another Peridot centric episode means we're in for another week of a ton of Peridot art! Don't worry, I'll try to break things up and give other characters some exposure. Have fun looking at all the green bean pictures, after the break!

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  • Comic: Pressure / Weapon Acquired / Halloween

    Pressure is an ongoing comic, so be sure to follow for updates! A new page just launched today, but the comic is still short enough to easily get caught up on. Also, enjoy some Peridot comics below, in honor of another Peridot episode!

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  • Spotlight Music: Rose's Garden In Bloom

    More original music from the SU community! This is a really neat sounding song, so be sure to check out this original instrumental, after the break!

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Amethyst

    Here's a long running ask Tumblr, featuring Amethyst! It's been going for 4 months solid, and still seems to be pretty active! The artwork is really cute (it almost looks show accurate!), so it's no wonder the blog has over 1,000 followers! Be sure to check out this Tumblr blog, and leave some questions in the ask box!

    Ask Amethyst - Current Page - First Page

    We'd love to hear from you guys about other tumblrs out there dedicated to the SU universe, whether it be OCs, characters from the show, alternate universes or what have you. If you have a tumblr to share send it to beachcitybugle@gmail.com for review. Remember, no pornographic material or extreme gore, keep submissions as PG-13 or below as possible.

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  • When It Rains - Episode Discussion/Streams

    Peridot… I’m sorry.

    Ahh, rain. Is there anything more relaxing than listening to the sound the rain? Well, ok, maybe this is, but the point is that rain is really relaxing. It lets you sit and think about things, like the upcoming Steven Universe episode. I like to sit and think about upcoming episodes all the time. I wonder which characters will be in them. I mean this one's probably got Peridot in it, that's basically a given at this point. But it's also probably got rain in it. Now, what is rain? Rain is water. Which gem is in charge of water? Lapis Lazuli! So therefore this is probably a Lapis episode[1]I have no actual reason to believe Lapis Lazuli is in this episode, but if she is, I totally called it.! This could be it, folks! The long-awaited return of Lapis Lazuli! C'mon, it has to be, look how cute they are together! This episode is going to be amazing! Do NOT miss it!

    See if I'm right by tuning into Cartoon Network at 5:30 ET/PT! No rain in the forecast for you? Don't worry, streams are just as relaxing. We've got some for you below.
  • AMV: Goodbye To A World

    Datis Ausum is back, this time with an AMV that literally brought Lauren Zuke to tears. This doesn't have the usual upbeat music that is the norm in his videos, but is definitely worth a watch. The editing style is vastly different from his previous works, but in a good way. This is a chilling and amazing AMV. Give it a watch, after the break!

  • Cartoon Network Short: How Are Gems Made?

    It's time for another edition of The Classroom Gems! In this episode, Amethyst explains how gems are born made. These animations are so cute, and I love that they help dispel some of the fandom rumors/headcanons. Watch the video below!


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  • October 15th Episode Title Revealed?

    Head below the break to see the news about the episode! Not super spoilery, only the title, but just playing it safe with the break.

  • Story: The Rose is Mightier than the Sword

    Connie, from Steven Universe. Outfit was from episode 51, “Open Book”, where she dressed herself up as her favorite character Lisa.
    [Adventure] [Shipping]

    Author: hTeDruknenPotaT
    Description: Steven is the prince of Beach City Kingdom, and Connie is a rogue who kidnaps him for ransom. While they're away from the castle, a plot unfolds, and old threats from the Great Diamond Authority arise...
     The Rose is Mightier than the Sword

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Fantasy