• Poll Results: How Did You Find Out About SU?

    Our first poll is over and quite a few of you guys participated! Turns out most of you found out about Steven Universe through Cartoon Network's commercials while there was an equal divide between Tumblr, forums, friends and animation websites for other sources. I was quite surprised Twitter was so low considering I've seen SU trending a few times on the site.

    Anyhow, on to our next poll! Now that the Steven Bomb is over, which episode was your favorite or did you not like any of the episodes?

    For the results, check on after the break!
  • Nightly Discussion #8

    It really would have been an amazing thing to see Rose in battle. With the way the the other Gems revere her she must have been an amazing leader and fighter.

    Chat time my friends! Let's do this!

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  • New Steven Bomb Coming in July!

    While the current Steven Bomb may be over according to Matt Burnett from the SU Crew we can expect another one in July!

    Can we handle the feels in July? Guess we'll find out!


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  • Drawing Things Out #3

    It's pretty cool that the present mirrors the past in some ways! One of the reasons I find the SU universe so intriguing!

    Art time my friends! Get them after the break!

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  • Music: Steven Universe Intro [Rose Quartz Version]

    Voice actress katerinu made Rose Quartz version of the original intro! Give it a listen!
  • AMV: Lars and Sadie are Happy

    A super cute AMV about Lars and Sadie. It fits really well!
  • Chille Tid - Episode Discussion/Streams

    Just how crazy can a slumber party episode get? Let's not forget we're talking about Steven Universe here! Plus, there's no telling what the big question mark on the StevenBomb 2 preview image could mean...

    Check below the break for a list of streams to watch live, and download links that'll be updated as they become available!

  • Episode Followup: We Need to Talk

    Day four of Steven Bomb down! How fun that this one was released nearly a day early as well, gotta love those leaked episodes am I right? Can I also just note how PINK this title card is?! Like wow!

    Now the actual episode followup after the break!
  • Boodles of Fun

    Earlier this week at the end of Sworn to the Sword, Pearl said, "It's going to be boodles of fun!" She says "boodles" not "oodles". Hear why with a short interview clip from the voice actress herself, after the break!
  • Spotlight Music: Stronger Than You Rap Remix / Love Like You / Watermelon Steven

    You guys ready for some music in the morning? Hope it's something you guys can jam out to at work or school if it's still in session. We've got a good mix of remixes and original songs today so check it all out after the break!

    1.) Stronger Than You Rap Remix (Remix/Vocal)
    2.) Love Like You (Remix)
    3.) Watermelon Steven (Original Music)

  • Comic: A Novel Idea / Lapis the Troll

    Steven does have a good point! I wonder why Pearl didn't think of it. Maybe she was derping a bit that day.

    Comic time! Click for full!

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