• Sneak Peek Clip and Pictures From Steven VS Amethyst

    Remember that this is a big week as far as plot development, so the spoilers from here on out are going to have way more impact! But, like usual, everything will remain tagged and below a break.

  • Nightly Discussion #413

    What a rad babe- er, baby. Wonder when SC started hanging out with the cool kids. They all seem to be the same age, so it makes sense that they'd grow up together. Wonder why Sadie and Lars never hung out with them as kids. Maybe they didn't grow up in Beach City?

    Twitter: Emerald
  • Drawing Things Out #399

    Let me drive this art into your heart!

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  • Love Like You Full Version (So Far)

    We have gotten two new pieces of this puzzle recently, so Phizzy put them all together to make what the full version might sound like!

  • YTP: Steven's Irrelevant Baseball Thing

    An alien race with advanced technology, tricked into playing a simple human game for hours! I guess they don't make gems like they used to.

  • Fan Theory: Bismuths Little Secret

    So why was Bismuth bubbled in the first place? Last chance to get theories in before the episode airs next week!

  • Centipeetle and Emotions

    SU is known for making dynamic and complicated characters. In one single episode, we see a character display at least 20 different emotions. Not only does it display the utter turmoil this character is going through, but that is some serious animation skills to be able to capture all of those different feelings. Check below the break for some neat insight!

  • Episode Followup: Greg the Babysitter

    Who else predicted who Greg was going to babysit in this episode? This was a really nice and sweet look at Rose and Greg's relationship, as well as more of Rose's thoughts about humans and Earth life. Definitely important character development here. Hope you enjoyed and like the followup!

  • 'Restaurant Wars' Storyboards From Lamar Abrams

    Steven Universe is my favorite Anime! And what better way to celebrating SU becoming an Anime, than with storyboards from this iconic episode?

  • Story: Both of Us

    [Friendshipping] [Sad]

    Author: Xenjn
    Description: Set directly after "Mr. Greg" "I should go." He says, and it's what the humans would call an olive branch, a means of escape for her should she want to be alone with her thoughts. It's a kindness that, after everything, she isn't quite sure she deserves. "Stay." Belatedly she realizes that sounds far too much like a demand and less the request she was trying for. Pearl flushes, ducking her head and she’s never been good at this, at asking for company. “I-I mean, if you’d like…I could make some tea?” She grimaces at how inarticulate she sounds, glancing back up again only to find Greg watching her with wide eyes, touched of all things. "Uh...Yeah, yeah tea...sounds good."
    Both of Us