• Nightly Discussion #18

    Rose Quartz is a lovely individual and I hope that we keep seeing more of her in flashbacks in later episodes. I would like to see how she interacted with Garnet and Amethyst during her time during the war as well as before too.

    Also, sorry for no discussion last night. I derped and forgot about it! Anyhow, have a nice time chatting tonight guys!

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  • Drawing Things Out #13

    With the grace that Pearl has I can really see her as a dancer of some sort. Actually, all the Gems dance to some degree when they fuse, so I guess that makes sense, heh.

    Art time my friends! Get it all after the break!

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  • Steven Bomb 3.0 Episode Titles!

    Looks like a couple of Tumblr users have snagged 4/5 episode titles for the Steven Bomb 3.0 (starting July 13th) from TV Guide! Check them out, after the break!

  • VAs for Several Characters Up for Awards at BTVA!

    This year's Behind the Voice Actors awards nominees have been announced and there are quite a few from Steven Universe up for the award, including the VAs for Amethyst, Pearl, Sadie, Rose Quartz, Lapis and an award for Best Vocal Ensemble!

    Voting ends on July 7th and you do need an account to vote! Let's see if we can give some of these fine people some recognition for their hard work! With other competition such as Gravity Falls, MLP, Rick and Morty and more it's going to be a tough one.

    BTVA Awards for Television

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  • Doug Walk Vlogs 'Cat Fingers'

    Doug Walker and his bro are back again and this time with one of the creepier episodes of SU: Cat Fingers. It looks like he has skipped a few episodes, but I think he will get back to them in time.

    So check on after the break for his look at Cat Fingers and how him and his bro reacted.

  • Comic: We Kept Amethyst / What You Want / Polishing

    Hey, another coincidentally Pearl and Amethyst centric comic post. This was not on purpose. No way. You can't prove anything! Click them for the full view!

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  • Spotlight Music: Any Love

    Ruby and Sapphire sure do inspire a lot of music! We've got a remix today of an interesting variety. Apparently the musician mixed together a bunch of other songs by Estelle to create this mix and it's got a nice tune I've got to say.

    Check it on after the break and thank to Jake for sending it in!

  • Garnet 3D Models Available!

    For you 3D modelers out there, a fan has recently created a set of Garnets using Blender and 3ds Max! He's given permission for others to use them as they see fit so go nuts everyone! Maybe we'll start seeing some SU SFMs and such in the near future if more models like these start popping up.

    Click below for the blog page!

    3D Garnet Models

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  • Comic: L E G O / Lion's Share / HADOUKEN!

    It's a round of silly comics today! The second one is even an official comic. Click on them all to read the full story, and see all the awesome artwork!

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  • Story: His Own Gem

     Steven's gemstone is located on his navel; it has a pentagon facet.

    [Adventure] [Dark]

    Author: wille179
    Description: Humanity survived the second gem war, but the fallout has left much of the world a monster infested wasteland, even hundreds of years later. And while three fourths of humanity's secret protectors are gone, the Pink Knight still lives.

    His Own Gem
  • Comic: Lion - Origins

    Dang SU, you generate so many feelsy comics it's hard to keep up! I can see this as being a bittersweet headcanon for Lion though, it fits in a way doesn't it?

    Click for full!

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  • Drawing Things Out #12

    Now that is one epic picture! It almost reminds me of one of those posters you see for an adventure anime or something similar. Excellent job artist!

    Art my friends! Get it all after the break!

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  • Fan Theory: Is Jasper Actually a Fusion?

    Heh, of course right after a discussion on fan theories today I ran into an interesting fan theory that is spreading around Tumblr and Reddit apparently! One of the more popular theories right now is that Jasper could very well be a fusion for number of reasons, ranging from her unique irises, skin color, and more.

    This video that popped up today goes over a lot of plausible reasons why Jasper could be a fusion, but why not judge for yourself? Check out the video after the break! Do you think it's a plausible fan theory?

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Lapis Lazuli

    While last time we featured Peridot, it would be wrong of us not to feature the Gem that is probably the fandom's favorite at the moment: Lapis. There's something about tragic characters that just tug at the heartstrings of people and quickly make them fan favorites.

    Ask Lapis Lazuli answers questions ranging from when she cracked her Gem, after being healed, and after being trapped as Malachite as well as some questions relating to an alternate universe where Lapis and several of the Gems are humans in Beach City.

    It's got a cute style that is very fitting for Lapis and the tumblr is kept relatively light hearted and even includes bits of animation here and there for effect. It's got several pages of questions already answered, so if you're looking for more Lapis in your day please go check this one out below!

    We'd love to hear from you guys about other tumblrs out there dedicated to the SU universe, whether it be OCs, characters from the show, alternate universes or what have you. If you have a tumblr to share send it to beachcitybugle@gmail.com for review. Remember, no pornographic material or extreme gore, keep submissions as PG-13 or below as possible.

    Ask Lapis Lazuli - Current Page - First Page

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  • Discussion: What are Some of Your Favorite SU Theories?

    With a story as mysterious and deep as SU, a lot of fan theories pop up over time about the show and certain elements of it. Is Onion actually a Homeworld Gem agent? Is Lion an incarnation of Rose watching over Steven? What does Homeworld exactly hope to accomplish?

    These sorts of questions just scratch the surface of the variety of fan theories out there, an ocean of theories that Ronaldo would even be stunned to hear about.

    So what are some of your personal theories or favorite theories you've heard of from the SU fanbase at large? Share your experiences and thoughts in comments!

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  • Comic: Checkmate / Bubble Trouble / Pearl Egg

     It's a prank-tastic comic compilation! The second one is another official comic from Grace Craft. Click them all for full on silliness!

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  • Spotlight Music: Stronger Than You (Densle Remix)

    We've got all sorts of covers for Stronger Than You over the past couple weeks, but not very many instrumental remixes of the song. This version by Densle is right up the alley for you guys looking for an epic revision of Stronger Than You!

    Check it on out after the break and thanks to Lewa for sending it in!

  • Official SU Merchandise on the CN Shop!

    For those of you looking for some sort of official SU merchandise, it appears that the CN Shop has not only a variety of clothes to pick from but coffee mugs, phone cases and even Steven Universe flip flops!

    Check out the link below for a link to the store page!

    SU at the CN Shop!

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  • Comic: Sticker / Spare Parts / Teaching a Robot To Fear

    Here are some comics for you Peridot lovers! Careful, the second one may shock you. Like seriously, hits hard. That's why there's a silly cushion for the third feature.

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  • Nightly Discussion #17

    Peridot sure does seem to be the most popular of the evil Gems so far! I wonder if the next Steven Bomb will change that up a little?

    Evening guys! Ready for some chatting?

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  • Comic: The Hot One / The Brightest Things Fade the Fastest

    Neodusk is back with a new comic for you all today! He's really cranking these out isn't he?

    Anyhow, more comics guys! There seems to be a never ending supply of them in the SU fandom.

    Click for full!

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  • Drawing Things Out #11

    Art time again my friends! Sorry for no feature yesterday, I came down with a slight case of food poisoning that took me out of commission. But we're back so let's get down to it!

    Check on after the break for some awesome art!

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  • Plushie Compilation #1

    Kind of a slow day today, but we've got a new feature for you all at the least! Thanks to the work of ChiraChan we were able to compile quite a few plushies from the SU fandom for you today. They may be of varying quality, but every new art scene needs time to get it's legs after all! So far though I think an excellent effort has been put into these, so well done plushie makers!

    So check on after the break for some SU plushie fun! Also, if you have any plushies or crafts of SU, please send them on in. We'd love to post them!

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  • Comic: Protection / Oh Pearl / Got your....Nose?

    Have some grade A angst in this first one! Then tone it down with some ridiculous Pearl antics. Also bonus silly comic about Jasper! Click them all for the full view!

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  • Animation: Love Like You

    A neat little animation set to the ending theme. Take a look, after the break!

  • Doug Walker of Channel Awesome Vlogging About SU!

    Doug Walker of Channel Awesome and Nostalgia Critic fame has teamed up with his brother to do a vlog series on the SU episodes! Starting off with Gem Glow and Laser Light Cannon he plans to do vlogs on other episodes really soon so we'll keep you guys posted on that.

    Check on after the break for his vlogs on Gem Glow and Laser Light Cannon!

  • Comic: Autopilot / Good Bad News / Rocks on Facebook

    As usual, click for full! There are some real gems cool comics here!

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  • Story: Being Shellfish

    [Slice of Life][Random]

    Author: BarracudaHeart

    Description: Sadie meets Lars' parents and finds where he truly gets his crabbiness from. A very very silly oneshot written based on a joke from tumblr that the author couldn't get themselves over soon enough.

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  • Nightly Discussion #16

    This is how I feel today, blarg. Sorry for no new art tonight, but I've just been feeling a bit out of it guys! Hopefully tomorrow is better.

    In the meantime, have a good time chatting!

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  • YTP: Pearl Likes Pie

    To say the least, YTP videos sure are interesting. We've got a short one for you guys after the break! It made me smile so I hope you guys get a chuckle or two.

  • Spotlight Music: Stronger Than You - Fandub en españo

    Some of you were disappointed in the dub for Latin America of Stronger Than You, so today we have a fan dub sung in Spanish for you guys today from Aki-Chan. It sounds pretty good in my opinion!

    Check on after the break for the song and thanks to Andy for sending it in.

  • AMV: Pop! Goes my Heart!

    Got to admit, this AMV is pretty well synced and it has a catchy tune too! Check on after the break for some AMV magic.

    Thanks to Terry for sending it in!

    Fixed and working!

  • Comic: Opal's Day Off / Pickin' Up Chicks / Forming Opal

    Check out these comics that totally don't all feature Pearl and Amethyst. PFF it's not like the mod ships them or anything. The first one is the work of one of the official guest comic artists, Grace Craft! Click each for full!

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  • AMV: Demons

    Have a neat AMV featuring Amethyst. The creator used some interesting special effects. Check it out, after the break.
  • Poll Results: Which Episode Was Your Favorite During the Steven Bomb?

    Our second poll has closed and the results are in! After asking you guys what episode you liked best last week you came to the conclusion that Sworn to the Sword and We Need to Talk were the best the week had to offer with Rising Tides/Crashing Skies the least popular of the five episodes.

    Now onto our new poll for the week: What is your favorite fusion? You can find the new poll over in the sidebar!

    As for the results of this poll, check on after the break for the numbers.