• Nightly Discussion #1287

    Do you think any of the fusion designs will change as Steven gets older? Or what if he just wears different clothes on a certain day?

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  • 'The Art of Steven Universe The Movie' Artbook Announced

    Steven Universe is getting it's own film, we all know that thanks to San Diego Comic-Con 2018. However, thanks to the fine folks at Dark Horse Comics, we are getting an artbook to look at the visuals of all the beauty in this highly anticipated film! Comicbook.com has given us the following blurp:
    "Go behind the scenes of Cartoon Network’s highly anticipated movie with this unique art book! This magical deep-dive into the Steven Universe movie is designed by Ryan Sands (Frontier) in conjunction with Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar. See preliminary character designs, witness the formation of settings and storyboards, and discover the art that shaped the full-length movie! It’s a new kind of artistic adventure with Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and—of course—Steven. In the meantime, eager fans can purchase the Steven Universe Coloring Book to occupy their time and prepare for the upcoming movie release."
    The book will be a softcover, zine-like book with 96-pages, which will retail for $19.99. The book can be pre-ordered through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, DarkHorse.com, and at local comic shops.

  • Steven Universe Nominated for a Peabody Award!

    We're keeping the news rolling in today! After winning a GLAAD award in March, SU is now up for another prestigious achievement! Ah-mazing!

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  • SU Vol. 2 OUT TODAY!

    Celebrate SU fans! There's another volume of awesome songs available in HD, right now! So go check out those sweet tunes, and don't forget the karaoke instrumentals are available too! Oh yeah, that means high quality background tracks for all those amazing fan covers!

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