• Nightly Discussion #209

    It's been a heck of a week! One more episode to go, so I hope you're all ready to get rekt! Looks like Peridot will be chilling on Earth for awhile, so I wonder if she'll get an updated outfit eventually.

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  • Drawing Things Out #202

    Hello there all! There's a bunch of awesome fanart from the recent episodes!

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  • Fan Theory: Pearl's Original Owner

    So we know that pearl's are supposed to have owners, right? They can't be formed without someone to own them first, which judging from some recent episodes, is the same for all gems. They are not created unless they will have an assigned purpose. All gems serve a Diamond when they are first born. Most fans agree that Pearl did not belong to Rose Quartz. But what if she wasn't even made for Rose Quartz in the first place? What if she belonged to a Diamond... but not the one you'd think? (Make sure you've seen all the current episodes, including today's, because there're spoilers!)

  • AMV: Hope of Morning

    Let's take a casual break from the Steven Bomb and watch an awesome AMV.

  • Message Received - Episode Discussion/Streams

    Text messages between humans are a good way to communicate quickly and concisely. Text messages between gems are freakin' hilarious. Today, we take a long-overdue look at the secret texts between Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, and Steven! I mean, it must be, right? We know the show staff gets a real kick out of the blog, and it's a wonderful idea for an episode! Do you think it'll be set entirely on Steven's phone, like that episode of Modern Family? This'll be so cool!

    To join us, text "STEVENU" to Cartoon Network at 5:30 ET/PT. Standard text messaging rates may apply. If you don't have a texting plan, there are some free alternatives after the break.

  • Episode Followup: It Could've Been Great

    Man, how am I supposed to follow up Dave’s wacky and well edited reviews with my plain and analytical ones? Dave has brought shame upon my simple episode follow ups. SHAME, I tell you!

    Well, let’s dive in, back to Emerald’s lame episode analysises!

  • Steven Universe Review - It Could've Been Great

    'It Could've Been Great'? How about it WAS great! The episode, that is. We certainly learned a lot about gem history, Peridot, and the fact that the fan theory about the moon base and Diamond Authority were actually canon. Interesting stuff! Check out AJ Universe's review of the episode!

  • Story: The Hidden Law Of A Probable Outcome

    the answer was love.
    [Adventure] [Shipping]

    Author: TheBlindBandit
    Description: The beginning of the rebellion. Pretty much everything is new to Garnet, but some things are new to Rose and Pearl, too. Or: Eloping to Earth is a grand idea.
    The Hidden Law Of A Probable Outcome