• Nightly Discussion #212

    Opal has returned! 'Log Date 7 15 2' was a really great end to the bomb. It was great to see her again, even for just a few moments. I wonder if she wandered off after Garnet said to take a break, because she just forgot what she was supposed to be doing. Steven would get worried and Garnet would tell him it's fine. Then Pearl and Amethyst would wake up somewhere else and not now how they got there. Does that seem like a realistic scenario? Do you have any Opal headcanons?

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  • Drawing Things Out #205: Week of Garnet Day 1

    Tonight's art post might be all Garnets, but it certainly won't be boring! There are so many different art styles to enjoy!

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  • Fan Theory: Garnet and the Cluster

    So the cluster is a really messed up experiment, nobody will argue that. Homeworld took the shards of dead Crystal Gem warriors and smashed them together in an attempt at a super fusion. Garnet was upset that Homeworld used fusion in that way, understandably. But what if, unbeknownst to her, Garnet was actually the catalyst that set off the cluster experiments?

    What if Homeworld saw how much stronger she was than fusions with the same gem? After all, 3 rubies fused together is just a larger ruby. Garnet actually gains powers, such as electricity, when fused. Not only that, but she seems to be much bigger and stronger than 3 rubies combined could ever be. So what if Homeworld tried to replicate that, by fusing gem shards together, in an attempt to make super soldiers?

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  • Review - Steven Universe: The Answer

    There's been a lot to say about the reveal of Garnet's origin and perhaps the first ever meeting of Ruby and Sapphire. The barn arc continues, but it doesn't appear to be over yet. And still, there's so much to theorize on! How long were they split apart after their first fusion? How long did it take to form the current version of Garnet? Did the fusion of Garnet lead to Rose and Pearl eventually fusing into Rose Quartz? Lots of fanfic fuel, if you ask me. Read the article below for another review of the episode!

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  • Music: Something Entirely New Cover Compilation #1

    Two covers and a remix of the song! Check out the music below the break!

  • Steven Universe Recap: “The Answer”

    We certainly did wait a long time for Garnet's origin story, and it was definitely worth the wait! It was an amazing episode to end the holiday hiatus with. The plot, the music, the scenery, the animation - everything was beautiful and wonderful! Check out The Mary Sue's recap of the episode at the link below!
  • Gem Grumps: Gal Pals

    Ruby and Sapphire are amazing gal pals. I'm glad they're such great friends. :)

  • Comic: Squad / Wingmen / Similar Taste

    Imagine if the other two ruby's we saw that weren't our Ruby acted as wing-men to help Ruby meet Sapphire? Or if they just made fun of her for liking Sapphy? Check out some ruby comics!

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  • Steven Universe: The Answer ANALYZED

    Hard to believe 'The Answer' aired almost a full week ago! Steven Bomb was INTENSE! Listen to this analysis of the episode, and feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments!

  • Story: This is Garnet

    Steven Universe - Garnet 05

    [Sad] [Shipping]

    Author: the1rei
    Description: Over the course of the Gem's adventures, following her regeneration, Garnet questions the nature of who and what she is.  At the same time growing closer to Pearl, the only one she's able to open up to, if only a little.  
    This is Garnet