• Nightly Discussion #166

    I want to know more about Amethyst's backstory! Why she was left in the Kindergarten? Would she ever leave the Crystal Gems and return to Homeworld? Is she going to start acting more bossy and stop listening to Garnet, nor that Peridot has revealed her role her gem hierarchy? What do you think? Will we see an evolution of Amethyst's personality when the show comes back?

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  • Drawing Things Out #158

    Sorry for the delayed art post! Still a bit sluggish after the con weekend.

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  • Rock It Out

    Is it a YTP? Is it original animation? Whatever this is, it is possible THE MOST hilarious video to come from the SU community so far. You HAVE to watch this. Please. Please watch it. Think of the children! I don't know why, this probably isn't something the children should be watching. But why not? Well, I guess you'll have to watch to find out!

  • Music: Crystal Beats (Remix) / Steven's Shield (Remix) / Love Fusion (Remix)

    I know what you're thinking. Three remixes in one music post? These remixes are all awesome, and all different. Give each one a listen, after the break!

    1.) Crystal Beats (Remix)
    2.) Steven's Shield (Remix)
    3.) Love Fusion (Remix)

  • Comic Updates: Team Building / New Home / Pressure

    More updates from awesome comics! Click on each comic to see the latest additions to these series.

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  • AMV: I'm So Sorry

    Another awesome AMV from WickedGeek! The editing is phenomenal, and the transitions/effects could rival Datis Ausum! Be sure to definitely give this AMV a watch!

  • Peridot makes a commercial / Peridot tries to join the FBI

    As we all should be aware, Steven Universe is not the first voice role that the actors have played. Shelby Rabara, voice of Peridot, has an amazing demo reel on her website. A fan took a couple snippets and dubbed them over SU episodes. Check out the videos and Shelby's demo reel, after the break!

  • Comic: Everything Stays / Sorry / Some Memory

    Check out Amethyst in all of today's comics! Click for full view. There are some good ones today.

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  • One Minute of Ruby Screaming.

    From the creator of Pearl being horrible at lying for 1½ minutes and Every Single Time Steven & Connie Say Each Other's Names, comes the next installment from mkatwood!

  • Story: Defective

    Amethyst and Peridot

    Author: captaintomysky
    Description: nerd. n. a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious; a single-minded expert in a particular technical field.
    Peridot knows she's going to die on Earth. Now she has only to decide how she'll spend what little time she has left.