• Animation: Forget Meme Jasper

    After what Jasper has been through, forgetting will not be easy.

  • SU Hiatus is Over! But it Returns on an Awful Date!

    When most other shows are on hiatus, Steven Universe is swinging in!

  • Spotlight Music: Andy's Flight (Remix)

    It's only Tuesday, but maybe you need some chill vibes in the middle of your work day.

  • Story: Utopian Futures


    Author: pharmakon
    Description: Steven got off the bed carefully, tucking the blanket back into place for politeness's sake, and went to take a closer look. Up close, he could see elaborate designs in the person's hair and in the flowers surrounding them: an etching of two people meeting who looked suspiciously like him and Connie-- he could see the flowing edges of her sundress, the star on his shirt-- and below it, another picture, this time looking like the Crystal Gems, facing off against stylized versions of the Diamonds, and below that an etched depiction of Steven arriving on Homeworld as Pink Diamond, and another of a battle, and another, and another... An inscription of something that looked like words caught his eye, down near the bottom. He kneeled, wide-eyed with interest, and saw three lines of text. One was in what looked like Gem script-- the next, in something that looked kind of like a mix of different alphabets-- The third was in English. Steven mouthed the phrase to himself: A single person is worth more than every sword in the world.
    Utopian Futures