• Nightly Discussion #102

    Hello there everyone! Looks like things went off relatively smoothly while I was out at Rose City Comic Con! I didn't meet any fans of the BCB while there, but I did meet up with Zach Callison, who said he'd heard of the site. Olivia Olson said she had a great time performing 'Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)', so maybe we'll hear her again in SU in the future! Have any of you met up with SU stars at conventions? Or for that matter, have you met up with any fandom famous SU artists/cosplayers at cons?

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  • Drawing Things Out #95

    Hello there! It's time for some super amazing art! Check out tonight's selection, after the break.

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  • Article: Steven Universe is the most delightful, sex positive show on television

    Here's a super cool article that helps explain the phenomenon that is Steven Universe. As it says, "The Steven Universe fandom is made up of true believers who will not hesitate to tell you to watch this show with a spark in their eyes that is both inspiring and a little frightening in its fervency." I know I've done this same thing when I tell my friends to watch the show, and those same friends have gotten the same urging from other's they know that also watch. It's an interesting trend. Usually with shows, there seems to be a divide where some people like it, and some people don't. With SU, it feels like the general feeling about how amazing the show is is widely shared.

    This article is great at perfectly describing the series. "When you start an episode, it's impossible to know whether you're in for a delightfully bonkers romp or a gut-wrenching meditation on love and loss." It's so true. We never can tell from a title or synopsis just WHAT will happen. And even the most delightful start to an episode can spiral into an emotional roller coaster in the next minute.

    This article was an amazing read, so be sure to check it out! Not only that, but if you know anyone who's been on the fence about watching, this article may persuade them. Thanks to Ryan for sending it in!

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  • Music: Sugilite Returns ft. Pearl & Sugilite / We Are the Crystal Gems (Cover) / Amalgam (Remix)

    Check out today's cool jams, after the break!

    1.) Sugilite Returns ft. Pearl & Sugilite (Parody)
    2.) We Are the Crystal Gems (Cover)
    3.) Amalgam (Remix)

  • Comic: Family Size / Work It Out / Where Are You?

    Pearl and Amethyst star in this comic post! There's some humor, some sadness, and a little bit in between! Check them all out!

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  • AMV: Clint Eastwood

    This is a really cool AMV! The song feels pretty fitting, and the editing is very well done! Check out this Amethyst and Sugilite featured SU AMV, after the break!

  • Rock Talk: Sadie's Song

    The Rock Talk team is back with another episode analysis!

  • Comic: Open Mind / Do It For Him / Laffy Sapphy the Magic 8 Ball

    It's Steven time in today's comics! Check them out by clicking for full view!

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  • Animation: Emily

    Looks like the artist meant to finish this animation, but there hasn't been an update for over a year. This WIP animation still looks great, so check it out, after the break!

  • Official Upload of Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)!

    Check it out! It's the official upload of the song from 'Sadie's Song'! This has the full version sung by Olivia Olson. This song sounds amazing, so be sure to give it a listen!

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