• Nightly DIscussion #587

    Good evening all! Little Ursa here with your nightly discussion! I've been wondering this for a while and I want to know your opinion: which gem has your favorite weapon? Mine has to be Amethyst (partly because she uses it like I would, with a lack of proper judgment). How about you?
  • Meep Morp #576

    Another round of meep morps is here to brighten your day!

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  • Music: Giant Woman (Ska Cover) / Jam Buds (Cover) / Lazuli (Original)

    Let's end the day by chilling with some music!

    1.) Giant Woman (Ska Cover)
    2.) Jam Buds (Cover)
    3.) Lazuli (Original)

  • Fan Theory: Rose VS. Pink Diamond?

    5 Steven Bombs, and now weekly episodes? Here's hoping! But, since the latest bomb seemed to offer more questions than answers, could the information we seek on Rose's past and Pink Diamond be revealed in her temple room?

  • Cartoon Network UK REFUSING To Air Bismuth?

    Sometimes SU gets censored outside its country of origin. Some interactions between Ruby and Sapphire have been edited, as well as some scenes that may be considered too violent. But is the UK really not planning to air an entire episode? And a half hour special at that?

  • Fan Theory: Steven Finally Gets Some Answers?

    We all know weird stuff has gone done when Steven has gone into his mom's room in the temple. I mean, if that craziness with creating the entirety of Beach City wasn't considered a storm, what the heck could be in store during this episode?

  • Steven Universe Clips From The Mystery Shack!

    Look at these sweet puppies! The Mystery Shack just released these super cool plush keychains! And if you want something even sturdier, there are solid keychains below the break!

  • Comic: Sly Gal / New / Body Hair

    Bet you can't guess from the first image what the theme of today's comic post is.

  • Do Portrayals of LGBTQ+ Individuals on TV Reflect Reality?

    SU was mentioned in this neat article about how LGBTQ+ character are portrayed in modern television, both live action and cartoons. There are a lot of common tropes and even jokes surrounding characters that do not fit the heterosexual "norm", and progress away from that is very slow. Steven Universe seems to be one show that gets representation right!

    Aimed toward a younger audience, Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe is a popular cartoon that often discusses and subverts gender and sexuality tropes.
    Niko Harrington, a freshman studying games and animation, believes Steven Universe’s portrayal of LGBTQ-identifying individuals is not only done positively but it also is done realistically compared to other television series because the characters’ personalities are further developed past their sexual and gender identities.
    “Garnet, for example, is basically two lesbians in a trenchcoat,” Harrington said. “(But) that’s not all of her identity. She’s seen as someone strong and supportive, and she’s more than just the sum of her parts.”
    Although the cartoon has been criticized by conservatives for having themes of gender and sexuality, bautista said the cartoon is “a possibility for (children) to find safety (and) to learn that being different is OK.”
    “It’s a show (that introduces topics such as having) feelings for people of the same gender without over-sexualizing it,” Harrington said.

    Do Portrayals of LGBTQ+ Individuals on TV Reflect Reality?

    Twitter: Emerald
  • Story: Freedom of the Seas

    [Adventure] [Shipping]

    Author: centreoftheselights
    Description: Garnet escapes from Blue Harbour and is rescued by the infamous pirate ship, the Crystal Gem. But Captain Rose and her first mate Pearl are something Garnet has never seen before.
    Freedom of the Seas

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Pirates