• Snow Day / Why So Blue? - Episodes Discussion/Streams

    It's a snow day! But Connie isn't about to let a few frosty flakes get between her and her education. Steven and Connie brave the elements to get Connie to school before the bell rings! Can their combination of skis, snowboards, and a "heavily modified" snowmobile Peridot made pull through where the school bus could not? Why didn't they just ask Lion? Also what's Connie going to do when she realizes the school is closed once she gets there?
    And following that up, it's another PSA episode where Sunstone helps Connie deal with the frostbite incurred in her last adventure. It'll be a festival of first-aid and frivolity! Either that or it's finally the Blue Pearl episode we didn't get from last week. Or maybe Blue and Yellow Zircon will show back up! Will we finally solve the mystery of why Yellow appeared to be green?

    The flurries start at 8 PM ET/PT on Cartoon Network! If you're snowed in and can't make it, don't be blue! We've got streams and downloads after the break.