• Nightly Discussion #61

    Opal is probably my favorite fusion (outside of Garnet). She just has a lovely form and reminds me a bit of elves from high fantasy scenarios. She's just cool!

    Evening everyone! Ready for a little bit of chatting tonight?

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  • Drawing Things Out #55

    I just love traditional artwork, especially water colors. It takes some real skill to control runny paints like that in my opinion.

    Hey guys! Back to doing the Drawing Things Out feature alongside Emerald. Sorry if there are any repeats, it takes awhile to work out the kinks being back and all.

    [1] Source

    Garnet ~ Liquid Watercolors (Remake) by Limbo-Studios

  • Cosplay Compilation #1

    Ah, it is good to be back guys! I've been super busy the past month with pony stuff, vacation, and conventions (including a trip to Europe). I'm slowly easing my way back into the site and I hope you guys have enjoyed Emerald's posts while I have been gone. The site wouldn't be here without him!

    Now, on to our first non-convention based cosplay compilation! Check on after the break for all the cool cosplays. Man, Pearl really does seem to be the favorite doesn't she?

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  • Comic: Marry Me / Babe / I Love Stars!

    I don't think Greg has ever had a themed comic post! So here's one for the rock star fans. Click for full view!

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  • AMV: Fresh Static Snow

    Super sweet beats and some smooth editing make this a great AMV! Check it, after the break.

  • Animation: We Are the Homeworld Gems (Somos las gemas del planeta hogar)

    There was a comic awhile back (see video description for original), replacing the theme song of the Crystal Gems with the Homeworld Gems. AlexGrim Tv made a really neat animation of the Homeworld Gems theme. It is in Spanish, but it's super cool (and there's a translation on the original comic)! I hope the YouTube channel makes more in the future. Check it after the break!

  • Comic: Prank War / Team Building / No Malachite / Agate / A Real Crystal Gem

    Homeworld takes over this comic post! There are some pretty great ones here, be sure to click for full view.

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  • Article: “Steven Universe” and the Importance of All-Ages Queer Representation

    Autostraddle put out a super cool article about LGBTQ representation in recent children's media. Steven Universe may have Ruby and Sapphire, but it's not the only show (or comic) to have a same-sex coded couple be represented. This was a really great article, and as mentioned, points out other media that features LGBTQ characters, probably a lot of which you'll all want to check out. Be sure to give this one a read, it's a great piece on where the future of children's cartoons and other media are headed.


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  • Animation: Peridot and Steven

    A cute animation featuring Peridot and Steven. Catch it after the break!