• Nightly Discussion #240

    I headcanon that Lapis hates shoes. She always walks around barefoot. She likes feeling the sand in her toes, grass under her feet, everything. I mean, stepping on something dangerous isn't going to kill a gem, so it makes sense that there might be gems who just don't wear shoes. Have we ever seen Rose Quartz wear shoes? Don't confine gems to foot prison.

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  • Drawing Things Out #233

    Check out all of the awesomely fantastic art, below the break!

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  • Doug Walker Vlogs: Love Letters

    Doug Walker is back with more Steven Universe vlogs! 'Say Uncle' must have been so bad that it sent Doug on a more than 2 month long hiatus. Check out the next installment of SU vlogs, below!

  • 'Steven Universe': Cartoon Network's Avant-Garde Animation

    Steven Universe packs a punch when it comes to representation. Race, gender, orientation, and more are all covered in some form. The traditional roles of family and gender are questioned, and yet viewers are not generally offended by how different and progressive this show is. Steven Universe has a refreshing maturity about it, the likes of which are very rarely seen in children's television programming. It treats children like intelligent beings, like they can understand the world around them, and shows that they pay attention a lot more than adults realize, and they deserve to have answers instead of being ignored. Check out the about SU from PopMatters, at the link!

    'Steven Universe': Cartoon Network's Avant-Garde Animation

    Thanks to Ryan for sending in the article!

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  • Amethyst's Best Moments

    Potentially the most hilarious and definitely the most carefree gem, Steven Universe Creations compiled the best moments of Amethyst!

  • Steven Universe Review - Space Race

    Space Race was a great episode all around. We got to see bonding between Steven and Greg, as well as character development for Pearl. Rose is gone, and the things that Pearl once found familiar are starting to change around her. Being homesick seems natural. Watch AJ Universe's review of Space Race, and give your own thoughts on the episode in the comments!

  • Spotlight Music: Dream of Space (Original)

    There has definitely been an increase in original SU songs lately! Seems the latest Steven Bomb pumped a lot of folks up! Check out an original song by Even Skies, below the break!

  • Comic: Lapis Falls For It / This Feeling / Forgiveness

    There are some really great Lapis comics in today's post! Be sure to check them all out, and enjoy!

  • HappyGoLucky Review's 'Message Received'

    An action packed episode where a lot of fans were left wondering if Peridot was going to give up the Crystal Gems to her leader. Yellow Diamond's reveal! The second new pearl of the Steven Bomb! Lots of exciting stuff in this episode, so check out HappyGoLucky's thoughts on it!

  • Story: Prisoner

    A cover picture I drew dedicated to @silvereyedrukia and her Lapidot fanfic, “Prisoner,” which is a great read btw :D
    [Slice of Life] [Shipping]

    Author: SilverEyedRukia
    Description: Lapis Lazuli got caught sending an unauthorized message to earth by Jasper and Peridot and has been deemed a traitor by the former. But while the quartz warrior is using her superiority to opress the ocean gem, Peridot knows her value as an informant and maybe even more. (Set between "The Message" and "The Return")