• Nightly Discussion #7

    I like Pearl well enough, but she sure has some deep seated issues with her past. I really wonder if she can ever truly let it go and move forward as a person? It'll be tough, but I think she has the strength to do it.

    Evening guys! Ready to chat a bit?

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  • 'What Can I Do For You' Song Uploaded!

    With the new episode leaking early and with SU airing on both coasts at this point I think it is safe to post this! If not, I apologize and would recommend checking out our setting button in our nav bar to block possible season 2 spoilers.

    At any rate, quite a song we got out of today's episode, right? Check after the break for the full video!

  • Beach City Bugle Facebook Open for Business!

    Some of you have asked for a Facebook page for BCB since some of you prefer Facebook to check out on important news. We've heard your plea and have started up our own little Facebook page! We'll link more important stories to the page when they come out, but always make sure to check out the main page for all the news you can get!

    Click below to pay us a visit!

    BCB Facebook Page

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  • Music: Stronger Than You (feat. Lapis Lazuli)

    Well, if Rebecca Sugar won't bring us a dose of Lapis this week, it's up to the BCB! Check out this fanmade remake of Stronger Than You, with Lapis singing. After the break!
  • AMV: Radioactive

    This AMV is pretty neat! Very fluid, even if most of the clips are from the same episode.
  • We Need To Talk - Episode Discussion/Streams

    This one was leaked just a little too early it seems, but we're still here to give you guys some episode streams and download links as usual. Huzzah!

    You all ready for some backstory? Check on after the break for streams and download links as they become available.
  • "Keeping it Together" Episode Followup

    Well, day 3 of Steven Bomb shows consistent signs of #nopis. But a Raven M. Molisee episode? Oh this IS going to be good!

  • Comic: Take Care of Them

    Dang, the Steven Universe fandom sure is good at creating deep, feelsy comics. I've had more comics worth single posting here in a week than I'd get in a year over on EqD it seems.

    Click for feels!

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  • Fan Made Steven Universe Font

    For those of you that love the font used in Steven Universe you're in luck! A fan has created the font for use by other fans on dA which you can find at the link below. This will be handy for all sorts of Steven projects in the future I'm sure!

    Crewniverse Font

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  • Story: Crumbling Walls

    Like I said, This fic got me good.
    [Sad] [Slice of Life]

    Author: Cryssy-miu
    Description: Picking up charred wreckage of a spaceship isn't the only thing Pearl has on her mind after "Space Race"; one is the guilt of what she almost caused to a certain little boy, and another is facing a very angry leader. Implied Pearlnet.

    Crumbling Walls
  • iTunes and Amazon release We Need to Talk Early!

    This was bound to happen eventually with the weird episode bundling they've been doing, but We Need to Talk went out this morning with the release of Keeping it Together! If you don't have Cartoon Network (or do but really can't wait until 6 PM (trust me you're going to want to watch it again then anyway)), grab it for $2.99 below: