• Nightly Discussion #234

    It's pretty neat that a lot of SU characters have a defined head shape, so it's easy to make cute simple drawings like the one above. It's interesting what a mix of art styles there are in the SU community. Some people do really simple and hilarious stuff, and others look like they put hours of time and effort into a gorgeous art piece. Yet, all types of art are seen as amazing and great, and the talent of the individuals is obvious. Have a great discussion tonight!

    Twitter: Emerald
  • Drawing Things Out #227

    Check out all of tonight's super amazing art!

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  • AMV: How To Be a Heartbreaker

    It certainly seemed like Rose broke Pearl's heart. I'm sure she broke a lot of human hearts too, before she met Greg.

  • YTP: Hatch and Decrease

    Is this a dead man, doctor?

  • HappyGoLucky Reviews: 'Steven's Birthday'

    A neat review from HappyGoLucky! Connie was definitely super flirty with older Steven in the episode 'Steven's Birthday'. It was good to see Greg be a little more fatherly, as some fans do think he wasn't/isn't a good dad. Despite being a single father, I never had any doubts about Greg Universe's ability to raise Stewball. Watch the review below!

  • Spotlight Music: Steven Universe Rap

    Holy cookie cats, check out this freaking awesome rap from Mykal Williams! I totally want to learn it now. Check out all the amazingness, after the break!

  • Fan Theory: Who Was Lion?

    Lion is probably one of the most mysterious characters in the show. Sure, Pink Diamond is one great big mystery, but as far as we know we've never even seen an image of her. Lion popped out of nowhere and started following Steven. He's a creature none of the Crystal Gems seemed to know about. And yet, he displays odd but gemlike powers. What sort of creature is Lion? Where did he come from before he met Steven? What's with his powers? What's his connection to Rose Quartz? Lots of questions, and maybe some surprising answers below.

  • Comic: Shippers / True Power / Where is She? / Pranksters

    The Diamonds aren't the only ones getting a little love in today's comic post.

  • Detective Peridot Teaser Animation

    Looks like Ask Detective Peridot is expanding the ask blog to also include animations! The ask blog also has original music, which we've featured before. It's very interactive with followers, so be sure to check out the Tumblr and give it a follow, as well as check out the short animation below the break!

  • AMV: Lane Boy

    Check out this great AMV, featuring Pearl! There are a lot of special effects added, so it looks super cool! Watch it below.