• Review: Steven Universe: The Phantom Fable

    If you've been wanting to check out the new not-quite-canon SU game, here's a helpful review! Check out a preview and then hit the link below. It's very informative. Sounds like there is some cool gem info, assuming it never contracts the show canon, that could help expand Steven's universe.

    The story itself, while not aligning completely with the progression of the show, still serves as a decent side adventure. Adding in a little history of the gems is always welcome, but these ‘ancient texts’ don’t play out as much more than a tool to progress the game forward. Most of the individual quests involve more of a character issue with each of the missing crystal gems. And, while that is interesting, we don’t learn much more about Steven Universe lore than before playing the game.

    Review: Steven Universe: The Phantom Fable

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