• Nightly Discussion #379

    Aww, image a little bitty Jasper, just like Amethyst! It's interesting that Peridot told Amethyst that she is capable of "everything a normal quartz can do." She didn't specifically say "everything a normal Amethyst can do." Rose Quartz was obviously a quartz, and Jasper is also a quartz. I wonder if we'll see any other amethyst's in the future? We saw what looked like a jasper in Pearl's flashback from 'Sworn to the Sword', as well as more jasper looking characters in 'Same Old World'. Rose Quartz is oddly the only rose quartz we've seen so far, as well as Amethyst being the only amethyst. I wonder what that might mean...

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  • Drawing Things Out #363

    It's Saturday and you're hanging out on BCB just in time for the art post!

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  • Fan Theory: White Diamond's Moon Base

    Was there one particular Diamond that had control of the Earth colonization? Do different Diamond own different planets, perhaps? Why did Pearl know about the Moon Base? The Roundtable has some thoughts on who the Moon Base might have belonged to and why!

  • Fan Theory: Rotation of the Earth

    Sometimes SU theories get really serious and scientific. Some fans noticed some odd clues left around that may indicate that the SU universe is much more different from our own than we originally thought. Considering that Homeworld wanted to recreate the Earth for their own purposes, perhaps they had something to do with it thousands of years ago.

  • YTP: Memedump 2.0: Peridump

    You may have already seen some pieces of this YTP, but here's a compilation of SU spoofs from mkatwood!

  • Fan Theory: Jasper Wasn't Saved on Purpose

    Pearl tried to save Jasper in 'Super Watermelon Island'. But neither Garnet nor Amethyst seemed to react as Jasper was swallowed up by the Earth. With Garnet's future vision, could there be a reason she only saved Lapis this time around, and didn't command either of the other gems to save her? Or was something else going on that the audience wasn't aware of?

  • Greg (Steven Universe Roundtable #11) – Overly Animated Podcast #196

    On this week’s roundtable we take a deep dive into Greg!

    Appearing: Dylan Hysen, Delaney Stovall, Justin Cummings, and Michelle Anderer.

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  • Comic: Jasper's Redemption / Origins / Learning the Basics

    We've got two new comic series featured today! The first two will be continuing on and already have 4 parts each! Catch up before they get too long, and stay tuned for updates!

  • AMV: Who You Are

    This is a super awesome and emotional AMV! If you think some episodes of SU are intense, then this AMV collects a bunch of the intense moments of the series with a powerful song.

  • Story: High Score

    [Shipping] [Slice of Life]

    Author: RainxnxRoses
    Description: "With every step towards the machine, Bella Dewey could feel her anger and frustration build up more and more. She couldn't wait to blast this unfashionable narc. But when she came only half a foot away from the culprit, she froze, the boiling anger shriveled up. The internal burning sensation was taken over by a warmth that spread throughout her body. Imaginary Butterflies burst out of her stomach and fluttered around the person that stood before her."
    High Score

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