• Nightly Discussion #220

    Hey everyone! What is your favorite thing about Garnet? Why do I ask? Well, it's Estelle's birthday, voice actress of Garnet! Tell us in the comments what you love about Garnet, and tell Estelle on Twitter what you love about her!

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  • Drawing Things Out #213

    Hey hey everyone! Get ready for some super awesome art!

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  • Year of Peridot

    It's been a great year of Peridot. January 8, 2015 was the first time Peridot appeared, in the episode 'Warp Tour'. Take look at this amazing video recapping Peridot's best moments from the past year. It is truly beautiful.

  • Steven Bomb 4: Retrospective

    StevRayBro gives an excellent comparison between the Steven Bombs that we've seen so far. Be warned, if you haven't seen a certain 3 second commercial that aired on Cartoon Network, you're going to get spoiled. This was a great recap video, even if it was long. It shows some similarities in the Steven Bomb, as well as doing a huge recap of all 5 of the most recent episodes. Super informative and great analysis.

  • Fan Theory: Homeworld's Sneople

    Straight from Desknight, here's a theory that almost sounds like Ronaldo is spouting it. Using a mix of real world science and hints dropped by characters, Desknight pieces together some pretty interesting fan theories. I mean, Ronaldo was right about the gems, right? "I know what the diamond means… Polymorphic sentient rocks! They’re here to hollow out the Earth! It’s part of the Great Diamond Authority! They’ll take on any form!” So what if he was also right about Sneople in some way? Sounds crazy, but maybe Desknight can convince you.

  • AMV: Hurricane Drunk

    Whoop whoop! It's time for a super awesome AMV from Crystalline Clod! The gems certainly went through a lot during the Steven Bomb, as did fans. With 55 minutes of new content, the fandom has a lot to talk about and create! Watch this cool AMV below!

  • YTP: Forgive me for I have sinned

    Welcome back to the hiatus, ya'll.

  • Comic: Cosmic Lizards / The Bodies / Lie

    Say what? A Ronaldo themed comic post? I suppose it's fitting with all the new fan theories popping up from the Steven Bomb.

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  • Steven Universe Theory - Information Update #3

    We got a lot of information from the Steven Bomb. Some theories were proven, some disproven, and we were given lots to think about at the end of each episode. What theories did you believe that are no longer true? Any burning questions that the episodes left you with? Maybe AJ Universe  covers some of them in the video below.

  • Steven Universe Meets DBZ abridged 24

    Even if you've never watched Dragon Ball Z, these re-dubs are still pretty hilarious.