• Nightly Roundup Introduction

    Hello everyone and welcome to the first ever Roundup post! This post will serve as a guideline on what to submit to the site to end up in these posts. What are Roundups? Well, they are like a little newsletter at the end of the day that highlights things that can't quite get a front page post.

    Things that can go in Roundups include:

    • Successful meetups, and sites/meetups/groups looking for more people to join or help
    • Personal ads for projects and the like.
    • Silly little things like SU themed baked goods, signs of SU in the real world, ect
    • Podcasts that deal with the show or have had episodes about the show
    • Dubs of fanmade material like comics, fan fiction, ect
    • Pretty much anything!
    Information can be sent to the main submit box at beachcitybugle@gmail.com. Just make sure to include in your subject that you'd like to be in the Roundup!

    So make sure to send in your little news tidbits! I look forward to seeing what you guys send in.

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  • Rebecca Sugar Interviewed for Steven Universe Guidebook

    Steven Universe creator and all around cool lady Rebecca Sugar was interviewed last month for the upcoming release of the Steven Universe Guidebook. The guidebook itself (found here) contains some secret information on Steven and the Gems that can help put more perspective on the characters and their world.

    In celebration of the up coming guide, Rebecca Sugar sat down with io9 for an interview on the book, the show, and it's lovable cast of characters! I know a lot of you Steven fans have probably already seen this, but in case you haven't check out the interview at the link below!

    io9 Rebecca Sugar Interview

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  • Comic: Amethyst and Pearl - Sentiments / Lapis Lazuli: Shitposter Extraordinaire

    Seems sort of odd that one of the first posts on this new site would be a comic post considering when I started on EqD all those years ago some of my first posts were comics. Let's get things started off with a bang everyone and enjoy SU together!

    Got some comics for you guys today! Click for full!

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  • Nightly Discussion #1

    Welcome to the first ever BCB Nightly Discussion everyone! For those of you visiting from outside of EqD, Nightly Discussions are a place for commenters on BCB to hang out and chat about anything that comes to mind (as long as it remains PG-13 and below for the most part). It's a place to get to know each other and unwind a bit from the day.

    Now get to chatting guys! Hope you all have a wonderful night! 

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  • Steven Universe Music Collection

    For those of us that love Steven Universe one of the biggest draws is the music! I mean, who here doesn't like Stronger Than You? Well, if you've been looking for a way to relive a lot of the music from the show without having to watch episodes again or rely on Youtube audio rips, you can check out the page of the musicians themselves!

    Aivi and Surasshu do much of the soundtrack for the show and have uploaded a lot of their tracks (including Stronger Than You) to SoundCloud!

    Check the link below for some awesome tunes!

    Aivi and Surasshu's SoundCloud

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  • Make Your Own Cookie Cat!

    Ever see some sort of snack from a cartoon and wished it was a real thing? Well, the good folks at Feast of Fiction have made that a reality for Cookie Cat! Following their instructional video you can make your very own cat shaped treat!

    Check it on out after the break!

  • Comic: I Am Pearl, Your Personal Sentry / I Was Scared

    It's always interesting to see what exactly people were like before we knew them, and being a part of a TV show about magical space rocks doesn't change this in the slightest it seems.

    Even someone as tough as Garnet can get scared at one point or another in her dangerous job as a Crystal Gem.

    DeviantArt Mynder
  • Spotlight Music: SU Theme Song Remix / Like a Comet Remix / Through His Eyes / Stronger Than You Remix

    Time to start off the music side of things over here on BCB! We've got a mix of the old and the new today, but as people send in more recently published materials you can be certain we'll be right on top of them when they're released!

    Check on after the break for some nice covers as well as some original music!

    1.) Steven Universe Theme Song (Vocal - Remix)
    2.) Like a Comet (Vocal - Remix)
    3.) Through His Eyes (Vocal)
    4.) Stronger Than You (Vocal - Remix)

  • Beach City Bugle Twitter!

    Just getting some business out of the way before regular posting can begin! For those of you that follow the EqD twitter account it was setup to autopost updates on the site for your convenience, allowing you to see what is new on the site with a quick look on your phone.

    We're following the same model here on BCB and have our own Twitter account that should post updates from the site as they come out. So feel free to follow us at the link below to get constant updates from BCB when new content becomes available.

    Hope this helps guys!

    BCB Twitter Feed

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  • Episode Archive - World of Steven Universe

    For those of you joining BCB from Equestria Daily or are in an area of the world where Steven Universe doesn't air we have something for our first post that just might help! Back when I was trying to catch up with Steven Universe episodes I found a website archive called The World of Steven Universe.

    Here you can catch up to the current episode just before the Steven Bomb hits a few days from now! The site also has the show subtitled and dubbed in Spanish as well for those so inclined.

    What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking and it's time to catch up!

    The World of Steven Universe

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  • Welcome to Beach City Bugle!

    Hello everyone and welcome to Beach City Bugle, the newest fan site for the growing Steven Universe community! Based off of the format of our parent site Equestria Daily you can expect a similar style of posting if you're familiar with EqD so if you're visiting from there things should be quite comfy.

    The staff here at BCB will try our best to update each day with new content from around the fandom, updating hopefully at least once every two-three hours at first while we dig for content and for you guys to send us in interesting tidbits! That's right, just like with Equestria Daily, Beach City Bugle aims to be a massive content aggregate for the SU fandom, encompassing as much as it can, but it's largely up to you guys to send your creations (or ones you find) to us!

    You can send all content emails to our submit box at beachcitybugle@gmail.com. For more detailed submission guidelines, please check out our submission post here. Also, if you are ever curious about the source of the picture used as a header, try clicking it! We'll try and make sure they are click through to the source as best we can.

    Once again, welcome! We hope you enjoy your time here at Beach City Bugle.

    Beach City Bugle Banner designed by Left2Fail

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