• Nightly Discussion #928

    A happy birthday to Estelle today! What's your favorite Garnet line?

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  • Meep Morp #918

    Sliding in to bring meep morps!

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  • SU donut fun at CityWalk Voodoo Doughnut

    What: Marking the January 30 release of Steven Universe: The Complete First Season on DVD, Cartoon Network teams up with Voodoo Doughnut for a delectable celebration of the highly popular, Emmy-nominated series. As a tasty tribute to the fan-favorite show, a towering image of Steven Universe will be created with over 800 doughnuts at the Voodoo Doughnut Universal CityWalk location. Voice cast will also be on hand to take part in the delicious tribute.
    Who: Zach Callison (“Steven”), Deedee Mango Hall (“Pearl”), Michaela Dietz(“Amtheyst”), Shelby Rabara (“Peridot”)
    When: Saturday, February 3 (participating cast to be onsite from 10:00am-1:00pm)
    Where: Voodoo Doughnut at Universal CityWalk, 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City 91608 (across from Universal Cinema)


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  • Fan Theory: Lapis Leak Gives Us New Hope!

    One episode ends, and another leak begins! That's just how it goes.

  • Animation: The Gem I Want to Be

    Living up to someone great can be a challenge, and things don't always turn out how they are expected to.

  • Story: Pearl, Alone. Except For Greg.

    [Adventure] [Crossover]

    Author: TheDoomkitten
    Description: Greg Universe: songwriter, guitarist, singer, hopeless romantic, freeloader, and occasional bum. The man proudly owns all those titles, and all the complications that come with them; such as a rat-infested van, epic battles over the last package of hot dogs in the house, and alien girlfriends. When he falls into a creative slump, Rose offers to take him on a trip to a hypothetically safe Gem location to inspire him. As can be expected of these things, it all goes horribly wrong. Pearl: warrior, dancer, singer, hopeless romantic, her own Gem, and all-around badass. The Gem proudly owns all those titles, and all the complications that come with them; such as worldwide journeys to clean up thousands-of-years-old messes, defeating monsters that most humans only know of in their nightmares, and Rose Quartz. When over Pearl's protestations Rose takes her latest paramour on a mission, Pearl is forced to protect Greg from an ancient threat when they get separated from the rest of the Crystal Gems. Hilarity ensues.
    Pearl, Alone. Except For Greg.

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