• Nightly Discussion #250

    Evening all! Looks like we've reach about too fitty discussions! Thanks for helping us reach this milestone, and hope you enjoy tonight's discussion!

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  • Drawing Things Out #243

    How was everyone's day? Good or bad, hope this art help brighten it!

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  • Animation: Peridot and the Kazoo / Love Like You / Peridot! / Peridot's Family

    A collection of short Peridot animations!

  • Fan Theory: The Rebellion

    Fans have been speculating whether or not Rose Quartz actually won the war. Sure, she drove off Homeworld, but she lost all but three members of her army. Not only that, but the cluster was planted without her knowledge, and it's on a course to destroy the Earth and everything Rose worked for. Check out the theory below surrounding Jasper, Rose Quartz, and the rebellion.

  • HappyGoLucky Reviews 'Lot Date 7 15 2'

    Here's HappyGoLucky's final episode review of Steven Bomb 4! It was great to see Peridot's character development and interactions with the other gems besides Steven. And it seemed like the Crewniverse was giving a nod to the fans with the whole, "it's subtext" line (in regards to shipping characters). Check out the review below!

  • Spotlight Music: Stronger than You (Bassoonified)

    Check out this awesome cover of Stronger Than You, by Bassoonify! As you can gather from the name and the picture above, the song is performed on the bassoon! Now that's not an instrument you see hear every day! Make sure to listen to this beautiful cover, below the break! There's also a download link in the description of the video, so you can take this song wherever you go!

  • AMV: Secret Love Song Part II

    Ruby and Sapphire are perfect together. Enjoy this gorgeous AMV featuring the two of them!

  • Comic: One Year Later

    As we learned from the episode 'Horror Club', Ronaldo and Lars had a lot of things to work out between the two of them. Think they've been hanging out more since the episode? Check out this this amazing and beautiful comic that explores what the two of them might be up to, one year after the events of 'Horror Club'. I'M NOT CRYING YOU'RE CRYING.

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  • Doug Walker Vlogs: We Need to Talk

    Another vlog from Doug Walker! This was a fantastic episode, and a great look at not only Rose and Greg's relationship, but Pearl's interactions with those two characters as well. Plus, look at that screenshot above and tell me the Crewniverse did not hide a Pearl/Rose kiss behind Rose's hair!

  • Top 5 Steven Universe Fan Animations from 2015

    vampirwitch highlighted the top 5 best SU fan animation of 2015! Check out the video below, and be sure to check the description for links to the full animations. Were there any animations you thought should have made the cut that didn't?