• Nightly Discussion #309

    Emerald partied a little too hardy this Saturday night. Art post will be late! Also she wasn't partying, she was making crafts for kids at a hospital. What are you up to this Saturday?

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  • Music: What Can I Do For You (Cover) / Like a Comet (Cover) / Love Like You (Cover)

    Happy Saturday! Check out today's awesome cover picks!

    1.) What Can I Do For You (Cover)
    2.) Like a Coment (Cover)
    3.) Love Like You (Cover)

  • YTP: Stets Goes Birdwatching

    A YTP that has kind of a lot of swears, but you know Emerald is a sucker for Pearlmethyst. Plus, Stets Uninu is an amazingly talented editor!

  • Fan Theory: The Other Amethyst

    If there are multiple pearls and peridots on Homeworld, why not multiple Amethyst's? Check out some evidence about this fan theory, below the break! It's definitely interesting, so if you're not afraid of spoilers, check it out!

  • Let’s Talk About Garnet

    Garnet is an amazing character. Not only is she the embodiment of a lesbian homosexual relationship, she is also coded at a PoC. These two groups are often overlooked in mainstream media. But SU isn't afraid to represent minorities, and to hit on the hard questions and lessons. It's a show that's not afraid to take risks, to go outside the norm for what a children's TV show is supposed to be. Please read the amazing article below! It is so lengthy and well put together. Read the article, and then come back and give your thoughts in the comments!
  • AMV: Shut Up and Dance

    Kick start your afternoon with a Pearlmeth AMV!

  • Comic: Peridot Tries a Banana / True Story

    Two comics today, one sweet and one sour!

  • Fan Theory: Homeworld Gems Know About Music

    Are gems just naturally intelligent enough to pick up on new skills? Or does Homeworld stunt gems so much that their natural talents can never shine through? Read an interesting theory about Peridot and Homeworld, below!

  • Story: Chicken Day

    [Sad] [Shipping]

    Author: alixiecivet
    Description: Under stress from a sudden longing for Homeworld, and the limitations of earth technology, Peridot has layered these frustrations with a relationship with Pearl. They're together. Right? Pearl isn't sure. As for Peridot, she wants to understand kissing.The day starts off with a lesson in mouth-to-mouth with less than exciting results. But, it's Chicken Day! So that makes things better. In theory. (What is Chicken Day? You'll have to read all the way into the last chapter to find out!)
    Chicken Day