• Nightly Discussion #539

    WALK THIS WAY! I wonder if the gems ever had any influence on musical culture on Earth. They did have a band in We Need To Talk. Maybe they were some artist's muse, their inspiration. Interesting to think how gems could have popped up in culture all over the world, leaving little touches of Crystal Gem around.

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  • Meep Morp #526

    *Slides in.* Hey, who ordered some meep morps?

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  • Gemanimate 2 Looking For Contributors!

    How would you like to be part of a huge and amazing fan project? Well, here's your opportunity! And be sure to check out the source for more details about contributing!

    Gemanimate is back for it’s second round! This time we’ll be reanimating shot by shot “The Answer”, an iconic and much beloved episode of Steven Universe. We have 169 shots that need filling this time round so send us through your reels & portfolios!

    The submission period for reels & portfolios is open from 3rd December - 5th January but we may need to close early due to the overwhelming amount of submissions we receive so get in quick.

    ✿ Gemanimate 2 ✿ Call for Animators! ✿

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  • SU Holiday Icons by da-py!

    Oh my goodness, look at these! They are just gorgeous! And there are 8 different ones to choose from. Grab your favorite and update your twitter, tumblr, facebook, or whatever other profile you may have!

  • AMV: Sleeping at Last

    Let's take a step back and chill out with this sweet video. It's definitely an awesome AMV, so check out all the coolness below! A bit of a slow song, but that's why we're chillin'.

  • Fan Theory: Lapis' Last Big Secret

    Is Lapis hiding something? We got a piece of her backstory in Same Old World, or so we've been led to believe. But Lapis could have been showing Steven false memories of her time on Earth, covering up something bigger that she was a part of. She never really said why she came to Earth, just that she was supposed to and then got caught in the war. But she never did answer why. So... why did she leave out those details, and how could Homeworld even mistake one of their own for a traitor? Too many questions, not enough answers from Lazuli.

  • Smoky Quartz (TV series) vs Smoky Quartz (Real Life)

    Hey, it's ya gem Smoky! And here are some awesome facts comparing the SU gem to the real deal!

  • Speculation: Steven Universe Returns in 2017!

    So SU will be back, but when? With 16 more episodes to finish off Season 4, and Season 5 already confirmed, how often can we expect new episodes to premiere? And did you know that despite all the hiatuses, SU had only a few more episodes than 2015? So it didn't get slighted as far as new episodes went. Based on previous airing schedules over the last 3 years, when will SU be back?

  • Steven Universe "Three Gems and A Baby" S4E10 REACTION

    So how'd you enjoy the latest episode? Watch along with Harland Dante and check out his reaction to it!

  • Story: A Rose by Any Other Name (Ain't Gonna Happen)

    [Shipping] [Slice of Life]

    Author: bendingsignpost
    Description: “Wait,” Rose interrupts, “you can do that?” (in which Rose discovers name changes)
    A Rose by Any Other Name (Ain't Gonna Happen)