• Nightly Discussion #581

    bug catcher

    It was a big day today for the USA, but let's not talk politics, let's talk Pokémon! I've seen some pretty cool crossover art and fanfics for these two fandoms, so it seems like there's a big overlap. Heck, some of the Crewniverse may be Pokéfans as well,  if Centipeetle's Gem means anything. How many of you folks like the collectible little monsters that there seem to be an endless supply of? Which one's your favorite? Which do you think each Crystal Gem would want to have? Could you see Garnet as a Pokémon trainer?
  • Meep Morp #570

    Well, well, well, if htemeep morps haven't returned!

    Source 1

  • YTP: Hiatus Bomb 5.4: That's What She Said

    Good thing we have all these YTPs to keep us company during the break!

  • Animation: Order Made

    If you want to see a super cool SU animation, then look no further! I think 4 minutes is a record for the SU community. It's not quite fully animated, there are some parts that flow like an animatic, but it's pretty dang close. Seriously, just check this awesomeness out! I can't tell you how great it is, you'll have to see for yourself!

  • For The Love of Clod - Body Paint - Tutorial & Tips

    For The Love of Clod has given us some basic body paint tips and a tutorial in this wonderful video for all you cospalyers, like me!
  • AMV: Revolution

    What happens when 18 talented SU fans get together? Why, they make an amazing AMV!

  • Beach City Con Announces AJ Michalka!

    Stevonnie will be making an appearance at the upcoming Beach City Con! This will be her very first convention appearance EVER! So grab you badge and book your hotel to meet this fantastic fusion!

    AJ is also well known for her role on ABC’s The Goldbergs and for her work as part of the musical duo Aly and AJ. She will be appearing at Beach City Con all weekend, where she will host two panels and offer autographs and selfies to fans (prices TBD).
    As an extra special perk for those who donated to our Kickstarter, everyone who backed Beach City Con and who registers a weekend pass by May 31st, 2017 will receive a FREE autograph from AJ Michalka!

    Twitter: Emerald
  • Comics: Weed / Dumb Face / Ho Ho Hopefully / Ride

    Of all the comics I've come across, I think ones with Lapidot are the most common. This ship seems to still be sailing strong in today's comics!

  • Fan Theory: Steven Universe: Diamonds on Earth?

    Peridot called Yellow Diamond a clod. The rubies never picked up Jasper nor did they return. Blue Diamond misses Pink Diamond. And the cluster will fail to emerge. So will the big baddies return to the peaceful planet to ensure its destruction?

  • Steven Universe Review - Back to the Moon and Bubbled

    Back to the Moon, but still no answers about that orb, huh? And Steven almost died. No real explanation why he didn't with no oxygen. The only thing that could be worse would be an enemy of your mother showing up!