• Story: Everything Stays

    [Random] [Sad]

    Author: hystericalmode
    Description: What if Spinel's Rejuvenator had a different effect on Steven?
    Everything Stays
  • Story: Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

    [Sad] [Friendshipping]

    Author: Solariac
    Description: An entire month has passed since the overall events of Change Your Mind. Everything seems to be perfect as the Diamonds work with Steven to start dismantling the empire, well, until the weight of what happened in White's head comes back full force. Steven is no stranger to handling troubling memories, but in this case, he can't do it alone. Fortunately for him, Connie has always been by his side.
    Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
  • Little Ursa's 'Spoiler-Free' Review of Steven Universe: The Movie

    Yesterday, Cartoon Network aired the film we have all been waiting for: Steven Universe: The Movie. Five seasons of watching Steven grow-up, fight alongside the Crystal Gems, make new friends, and stop an intergalactic war have come to this. But what more could there be? Well, I will be touching upon this in my 'spoiler-free' review of the film!

  • Steven Universe: The Movie - Movie Discussion/Streams

    We got movie sign! It's finally here! The long-anticipated Steven Universe movie! At the length of around 6 normal Steven Universe episodes, we are in for a doozy of a ride! The Crewniverse worked extra hard on this one, folks. Expect some amazing animation, awesome acting, wonderful writing, and boodles of new spectacular songs to find yourself humming for weeks to come!

    I'm going in blind, how about you? I haven't seen any of the trailers or nothin'. Usually I'd speculate on the episode title, but I've got nothing to go on! The only thing I know is the fandom keeps talking about the main villain, who they're calling "Heartstone." Oh no, this is another Bloodstone incident again, isn't it? Of course! The Crewniverse are geniuses! Ronaldo was the Big Bad all along, hiding in plain sight! A real master of puppets, only appearing to be incompetent! He's been massing power this whole time... able to do it behind the scenes while Steven and the Gems were off-world! That's why his blog has been silent for the past two years! The Bloodstone incident was him attempting to gain access to the Crystal Gem's temple and the Crystal Heart within. But now that the Earth is full of newly un-corrupted gems who don't know about anything that's happened in the past 6 millennia, he's got himself an army! Can the Crystal Gems stand a chance? Will the temple fall? What evil machinations does Ronaldo have planned for the Crystal Heart?

    Oh wow this sounds amazing! I can't wait any longer. I'm going to sneak a peek at the movie poster and...

    Oh. It's a completely new character.

    Never mind, folks! I got carried away again. Don't worry Dave, you'll get one of these right someday...

    It's showtime at 6 PM ET/PT on Cartoon Network! If you didn't pre-order your movie ticket 3 months in advance, don't worry! We've got streams and downloads after the break.

    Oh and don't forget to stick around after the show! I'm told there'll be a nifty behind-the-scenes documentary on the movie for all of us to enjoy.