• Nightly Discussion #43

    Hello, and happy Saturday! Are these questions working to spurn conversation? I hope so! Tonight's question is do you have a gemsona, and what is their name?

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  • Intended Order of SU Episodes!

    So, nothing changes for the first 35 episodes. Looks like episodes 36 (Warp Tour) and 37 (Alone Together) swap places, but other than that things stay the same until episode 46. Then things get rearranged.

    Episode 46 (The Message) was supposed to air as episode 50, Episode 47 (Political Power) was slated as episode 51, which put Episode 48 (The Return) as episode 52, and episode 49 (Jailbreak) as episode 53. A few episodes got pushed to season 2, such as Episode 51 (Open Book), which was originally scheduled as episode 46. In addition, Episode 53 (Say Uncle), was going to air as episode 48. Episode 54 (Story for Steven), and episode 55 (Shirt Club) were not meant to air in that order, instead originally being episodes 52 and 54.

    As for the rest of season 2, nothing more has been revealed about its order. Perhaps by the time season 1 was out, scheduling became easier. I wonder how differently things play out in the intended order?

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  • Drawing Things Out #37

    The SU fandom is a super creative bunch! Oh, idea! Pull up a music post and listen while you scroll through the evening's art! Twice the creativity at once!

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  • Steven Universe Party!

    A few SU fans had a Steven themed party! All the food looks amazing. As if that Together Breakfast cake wasn't enough, see more photos after the break. The original post has gotten over 16,000 notes in just a day! Now you can prepare your own SU food for your next party! This is some seriously cool stuff!

  • Comic: Baking Math / Brothers / No Excuses / Heathen

    Lars got a themed comic post earlier, now it's time for the cool kids!

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  • AMV: OK

    Super up beat AMV on this Saturday afternoon! Enjoy it after the break!

  • Comic: Sorry For Loving You / Snakes / Crush / Good Enough

    A Lars and Sadie themed comic post! Alright!

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  • Gem Science: Steven V. the Earth

    Zottgrammes on Tumblr did some really cool math/science about Steven Universe. Just how far under the ocean is Malachite? Could a human survive in space the way Steven did in Ocean Gem and Space Race? Check out the cool facts below!

  • Spotlight Music: Steven Universe Medley

    I was absolutely blown away by this medley. It is beautiful and amazing. Be sure to give it a listen! I'm not even putting this under a break to encourage you to just hit the play button! Wake up to this fresh beat!


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  • Hell Universe: Alpha Patience Sapphire

    Get ready for 6 more minutes of hell! Compared to the other SU hell videos we've posted, this one may be a little short - but just as good! See the next installment of Hell Universe, after the break!

  • Story: Helpdesk, This Is Peridot

    what is going on on her forehead
    [Comedy] [Slice of Life]

    Author: BlackCatula
    Description: While en route to planet Earth (pre-Jail Break), Jasper and Peridot seem to be running into technical difficulties. Unfortunately, Jasper and technology don't seem to get along very well! Can Peridot survive the horrors of Tech Support until the ship reaches its destination?
    Helpdesk, This Is Peridot 

    Additional Tags: All-ages short stories, mild crude humor.
  • Animation: Don't Touch Peridot's Shit

    We haven't had a good 3am post in awhile! Enjoy the hilarious animation below!

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