• Nightly Discussion #5

    Having your own powers at ready must be really nice for those rainy days. You can't ever say you forgot your umbrella ever again!

    Evening guys, ready for some chatting?

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  • 107 Steven Universe Facts YOU Should Know!

    A little old, but new to this site, Channel CartoonHangover did a 107 facts about SU that you should know about the show! A lot of these might be old hat to avid watchers of the show, but it's a good way to catch up on things if you're still new to SU!

    Check it out after the break and thanks to Richard for sending it in!

  • Drawing Things Out #2

    The more glimpses of past we get from SU the more scary Gems appear to be! That war must have been total hell from the sounds of it and we've only seen glimpses of it so far.

    With the Steven Bomb continuing this week I'm expecting an increase in artwork for the show! So hopefully these features will be a little be more frequent in the near future~

    Get your dose of Gems after the break!

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  • Animation/Music: Peridot Rap

    Someone took the fanmade Peridot rap and made a short animation for it. It looks pretty good!
  • AMV: A Thousand Years

    A neat AMV with some interesting effects! The song makes a lot of sense when you think about how old the gems are. Look for it after the break!

  • Rising Tides/Clashing Skies - Episode Discussion/Streams

    It's time to keep Beach City weird my friends! Are you excited for the truth or are you too weak to handle it?

    Day Two of the Steven Bomb guys! Check on after the break for streams and episode uploads as they come in and feel free to discuss the show and your theories in the comments!

    New to SU? Check out the archive at The World of Steven Universe and this guide on the show!

    Update: We have a stream!

    Update 2: Dailymotion and World of SU Both up!

  • "Sworn to the Sword" Episode Followup

    Let me just start with the fact that this episode was amazing. I heard that people were doubting this week would be as intense as the first Steven Bomb, and I think they were totally proven wrong.

  • Episode Guide for Latecomers to SU!

    One big question I get from people new to SU is what episodes to watch and what is it like exactly? The answers are a bit different for everyone, but the SU community over on NeoGAF have compiled a great guide for late comers on what to expect from Steven so far without giving away too much of the story and what episodes you should certainly check out!

    Check on after the break for the guide created by Psxphile! Click the images for full res!

  • Music: Rose's Theme Chords

    Find the official chords from Jeff Liu below!

  • Story: Putting It Back Together

    The premise of memory loss seemed like a bit of a cliche story, but the writing was actually pretty well done, and the characterization almost spot on. This story is almost complete, but looks like the author is working on an epilogue to finish it up.


    Author: Completely Different

    Description: When some ancient and unknown Homeworld technology accidentally erases their memories, the Crystal Gems figure their forgotten 13 years is trivial; but unfortunately, it appears a LOT has happened in that time. Now with their leader gone, and saddled with a half-human boy who claims to be her son, they must somehow find a way to restore what they lost.

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