• Nightly Discussion #169

    Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a fabulous evening. Have the Thanksgiving celebrators stuff their faces with turkey sandwiches today? Speaking of sandwiches, what's your favorite kind of sandwich, question for everyone? What do you think Amethyst's favorite sandwich is?

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  • Drawing Things Out #161

    Check out all of tonight's crazy cool art, after the break!

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  • AMV: Let Me Try

    A really great AMV! The editing is excellent, and the song fits amazingly well! Hmm, perhaps a little too well? Oh right, it's an original fan song written specifically for Steven Universe! Check out the awesome AMV and listen to the awesome SU fan song, after the break!

  • Animation: Peridot's Double Lariat

    A super cute animation featuring Peridot! Seriously adorable, be sure to watch it!

  • Music: Stronger Than You VS Shia Lebouf Mashup

    This is exactly what it says on the tin. An amazing and terrifying mashup. Welcome to the hiatus, now in full swing! Start making some more original songs that we can feature. The BCB is slowly dissolving without Calpain's guidance.

  • Fan Theory: Pearl's Spear

    We all know Pearl is an expert swordfighter. However, a sword is not the weapon that she summons from her gem, but rather her spear. So why then would Pearl be skilled in a weapon that does not come to her naturally? Read a theory below about the different weapons that Pearl uses.

  • How To Draw Peridot

    Have you ever wanted to draw that lovable green gem? Well, here's a helpful tutorial to get you on the right track!

  • Comic: Big Lady

    A bit of an older comic, but it just came across our desk. The artwork is great, and the story definitely cuts deep. Click the image above to view the full comic.

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  • Gemsona Maker by Doll Divine

    Check it out! It's an awesome gemsona maker. There are a ton of options available to help you make your character. Gems, body types, hair, eyes, mouths, noses, and more! Check out the creator below, snap a screen shot, and leave your gemsona in the comments!

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  • Music: Stronger Than You in Japanese

    Check it out! It's the official Japanese dub of Stronger Than You! There are even English subtitles, so you can see how the song has changed in its translation.