• Nightly Discussion #342

    Wowee that was a great episode today! Remember to keep tonight's discussion spoiler free, as it's just now airing on the west coast. Sorry discussion post was late! I had to wade through a bunch of spoiler art to find something for the header. Whoops!

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  • Drawing Things Out #326

    Alexandrite dominates tonight's art post!

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  • Rebecca Sugar on finding that 'Steven Universe feeling' and the future of the verse

    Three new episodes of season 3 have aired, and so far they have been phenomenal! Now 2 1/2 years old, the series has begun to explore some major character backstory and development. The L.A. Times did a short interview with Rebecca Sugar, and revealed that in a future episode, Steven will have a sad song about the mother he never met, Rose Quartz. While SU started off as a fun and lighthearted series about a boy with strange powers trying to find his way in the world, it has since become the tragic tale about the wars fought for Earth, and the lives that were lost to protect it. Check out the awesome article below, and read the rest of the interview!

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  • Same Old World - Episode Discussion/Streams

    Garnet, Amethyst, Lapis and Steven on Faros Beach - Original Image
    Amethyst and Lapis on the shore of Lake Prespa - Original Image

    Amethyst and Lapis chill in the Fontaine de la Pyramide in Paris - Original Image

    Peridot, Lapis and Steven gaze at the River Thames in Oxfordshire - Original Image

    Another week, another episode. Isn't that great? This week's is Same Old World, so clearly the gems are gonna take Lapis Lazuli to visit the Old World, probably Europe! There's a lot of human history that happened in the old world, from the Greeks and Romans to the European empires of the 17th and 18th centuries, all the way up to today! I wonder how Gem history will dovetail into European history. Let's all take a tour of Europe with the Crystal Gems. Even if you live there!

    Grab your passports and get ready to go. The tour leaves at 7:00 ET/PT on Cartoon Network. If you can't make it, that's ok, we'll send you a postcard with streams and downloads after the break.
  • Ian JQ Answers: What do watermelon chickens taste like?

    SU fans truly ask the real questions. New episode in t-minus 120 minutes!

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  • Fan Theory: Rose Quartz killed Pink Diamond

    Pink Diamond - shrouded in mystery, continually not mentioned in the show. Where is she? Who was she? And though Rose Quartz was powerful, could she have really taken down a Diamond all by herself? What do you think happened to Pink Diamond? Is she still around somewhere?

  • Comic: Gethsemane

    It's one of those super cool and super lengthy lyric comics! Click the image above to check out the comic and all the awesome art that goes with it! Don't miss this one!

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  • "To the Nearest Warp Pad" Storyboards with bonus deleted dialogue!

    Aww, I can't believe they cut Peridot saying, "I'm surrounded by clods..."

  • Story: Alive

    [Sad] [Shipping]

    Author: aelescribe
    Description: “You’re here.” Lapis grasps her hand like she’s dying-- she is, isn’t she? “You saved me.” Lapis lets herself succumb to weakness. She lets herself be needy in this one, fatal moment. It’s more than she deserves.