• Nightly Discussion #346

    Do you think Lapis will get a job in Beach City, in an effort to fit into Earth society and culture? Doing tech stuff and being alone seems to be Peridot's thing, but perhaps Lapis might want to be more social. Plus, she really likes Steven, so wouldn't she want to go live near him? Maybe she gets bored and Steven gets her a job to keep her occupied.

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  • Drawing Things Out #330

    Hey hey, check out tonight's awesome art!

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  • Fan Theory: Steven's Astral Projection

    Since Rose Quartz probably didn't sleep, it's hard to say if she possessed the same dream powers that Steven has used. However, his dream powers also expands to astral projection. While he was dreaming as himself in 'Chille Tid', in 'Super Watermelon Island', he took on the form of a watermelon Steven - and was present in the real world in real time, as can be seen when he talks to the Gems at the end of the episode. When he communicated with the Cluster, he communicated in a similar way as when he communicated with Lapis while she was inside Malachite - entering another place in real time, communicating with a real person, but all in the mindscape. He was asleep, but the other parties were awake. So what does this mean for future episodes? Will his ability be useful again? Check out the cool theory below, and feel free to leave your own thoughts!

  • Fan Trailer: The Cluster

    Enjoy this awesomely edited and super creepy trailer! It's really well done, seriously don't miss this one! Go watch it!

  • Fan Theory: Why Was Peridot Mistaken About The Cluster's Location?

    Time for some gem science! Was Peridot wrong about the location of the cluster? Was this an oversight by the crewniverse? Watch the video below and make your own decision!

  • Animation: Amethyst vs. Lapis Lazuli

    This is a fantastic fan animation! I can't imagine all the work that went into it! It only spans 30 seconds, but the detail is fantastic! Be sure not to miss it!

  • AMV: MK Ultra

    Check out this awesome AMV from Crystalline Clod! Once again they bring an amazingly edited AMV and a perfectly chosen song! Watch it below!

  • Comic: End Her Suffering / Potato / Dream Lapis / Lapis Loves

    Enjoy some Lapis comics today! With her reappearance in the show, we not only have a happy Lappy, but happy SU fans!

  • AMV: super butter building gem drill

    YTP? AMV? I mean it's kind of music, right?

  • YTP: Emotional Universe

    Things change, characters grow. Volume warning for the ending!