• Nightly Discussion #96

    Hey hey, good evening! Hope you're all doing well and feeling fabulous! So, what are your thoughts on Lapis Lazuli? Do you think she'll ever get to be free? Will she join the Crystal Gems, or go back to Homeworld? Will she wander the universe, searching for a new home? Let's hear your thoughts in the discussion below!

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  • Drawing Things Out #89

    Get ready for another Drawing Things Out, jam packed with awesome art! And like the sign says, "Be Cool & Be Nice!"

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  • Celestia Radio Steven Universe Segment Airs This Friday!

    Looks like the folks at Canterlot radio are starting up a Steven Universe themed segment! They sent over this blurb and asked us to spread the word. Be sure to listen in and check out the show!
    Hey SU fans! Want to discuss the latest ep's and news from our resident Gems? Join us this Friday the 18th at 8pm Eastern on www.celestiaradio.com for great remixes and chatting about everything that makes our Universe go round! Believe in Steven!

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  • Spotlight Music: We Are the Crystal Gems Extended Theme Cover

    Ever wanted to hear the Crystal Gems extended theme with a toy piano and a Casio VL-Tone (whatever the heck that is)? Well now you can! Check out this amazing and unusual cover, after the break!

  • Happy 1000th Post!

    WOO HOO! 1000 Posts, and still going strong! Big thanks to everybody who submits content for us to post, to everybody making that content, to Calpain for starting this shindig, to all the BCB contributors/posters, and to all the fans who read and comment on the stuff we post! You all are awesome! Thanks for helping us get to 1000 posts, and here's to thousands more!

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  • Fan Dub: Gems

    Here's a short comic dub! Thanks to Rarityfangirl31 VA for sending it in!

  • Article: Episode Recap 'Nightmare Hospital': Seriously, Talk To Your Kids

    This article does a lot of recapping on the episode, which you already know if you've seen it. There is some new content and insight about the episode though, at the bottom. Read it below, and then check out the source for the full article!

    While the return of the gem mutants is a welcome reminder of the bigger plot at hand, the heart of this episode is the rawness of both the lies and the honesty between Connie and her mother. Connie is a good daughter who has obediently submitted to her strictly-scheduled and highly-controlled life, with two devoted parents who are deeply invested in her enrichment and education. 
    But that’s what makes the reveal of Connie’s year of secrets so devastating to Dr. Maheswaran, who wasn’t merely angry, but also distressed, shocked, and baffled. As a good parent does, however, Dr. Maheswaran relaxed the rules and controls she put into place because she thought they were best in the face of her growing daughter’s changing needs. Transparency between a parent and child is critical, not just in the Gem War with its life-or-death stakes, but in real life, for the kids at whom this show is targeted. The talk between Connie and her mother is a model of the kind of conversation loving parents and children should engage in, giving Dr. Maheswaran more character and depth than “angry controlling mom who just doesn’t get it” and imparting a critical lesson without tiresome preachiness. 
    Even more than the Silent Hill meets Resident Evil vibe of the Nightmare Hospital, or the Akira body horror of the gem clusters, I love the sincerity of those last few minutes between Connie and her mom. Now that Connie can be more open with her mother, I wonder what kind of unexpected resource Dr. Maheswaran might become for Connie and even Steven.

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  • Comic: Final Moments / Gift / Kiss

    Some great Garnet and Pearl comics today! Enjoy them all by clicking for full view!

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  • Animation: Still Here

    Here's a pretty cool flipnote animation! Enjoy, after the break!

  • Story: Peridot

    I have a feeling she isn't ACTUALLY evil, just a bureaucrat whose STUFF KEEPS GETTING EXPLODED!!!!

    Author: Bookman230
    Description: {The video fizzles before settling into a clear picture of Peridot. She nods, satisfied, before beginning.}
    Log 6534. The most important parts of the cluster have been extracted. The rest, due to pressing time, had been left behind, but I believe it is for the best. It'll make a nice surprise for the Crystal Gems, heh heh. The psychological impact of this weapon should not be underestimated. In any case, the cluster is secure in this new location. I shall continue the experiments started before me. The quiet and security shall make this infinitely more preferable than my time with Jasper and Lapis, and my time on the run, respectively.