• Nightly Discussion #366

    Thanks for celebrating a year with us! It's been awesome sharing all of the cool stuff the community creates! Your support is invaluable, and we're so excited by all the fantastic creative works we get to see from the community every day. Thanks for following along, and we look forward to another year with you here on Beach City Bugle!

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  • Drawing Things Out #350

    Happy anniversary, BCB! Thanks for always sending in such amazing artwork!

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  • Inspirational Universe

    Take a moment to check out this truly beautiful video. With an amazing mix of show clips and audio, this video is truly beautiful, and captures some of the most amazing things about the show. It is truly appropriate this that video is named simply, 'Inspirational Universe'. This is truly an inspirational video.

  • Steven Universe Themed 1st Birthday Party!

    SU fans are amazingly creative, and we've already featured a couple of awesome themed parties here on BCB! These two awesome twins got one of the coolest birthday parties, and you can check out the rest of the pictures below the break!

  • Animazement 2016 Cosplay Compilation

    Animazement SU Unofficial Saturday Photoshoot part 4
If you see yourself please contact me so I can tag you, I was the Malachite during that saturday!
Lapis with red shoes:...

    yolky206 took a bunch of awesome photos from Animazement! Be sure to check out the fantastic SU cosplays in this post, and hit the source link for more!

  • YTP: It Could've Been Better

    Check out this great YTP from ferb73craft! Looks like this is their first SU YTP, so give it a watch and see how they did!

  • Fan Theory: Peridot and Lapis Fusing?!

    An interesting theory on who Peridot might fuse with first! Who do you think is the most likely candidate?


    Hello Beach City! We can't believe it's been a year already! It has been a ton of fun running Beach City Bugle, and our entire team couldn't do it without you. Thank you so much for continuing to contribute to the Steven Universe community, and keeping BCB going. Despite hiatuses, the community has remained strong, and continues to make awesome content every single day. Thank you so much for helping us reach nearly 7 million site views! Here's to many more years of amazing SU fun!

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  • YTP: Who's On First

    All we know is Bob is short stop.

  • Story: This Was a Mistake

    [Shipping] [Slice of Life]

    Author: mandaree1
    Description: Pearl lives with her two sisters, Blue and Yellow. Being out of the closet is a new concept to her, one that has yet to be implicated towards them. Her girlfriend is loud, open, and willing to beat the crud out of anyone who tries to stop her from being herself. Things happen.
    This Was a Mistake

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Human