• Nightly Discussion #12

    I wonder what secrets Lion holds. With the massive amount of information we get from each Steven Bomb I wouldn't be surprised if we learned more about him from one of them.

    Chat time my friends! Let's get to it!

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  • Steven Universe Panel at SDCC July 10th!

    Looks like just before Steven Bomb 3 hits in mid July, Cartoon Network is going to have a panel for the show along with many other of its properties. I wonder what sort of information we'll be able to get from the panel? If anything pops up, we'll be sure to report on any of the interesting tidbits said during the event.

    Check on after the break for the panel description and source link!

  • Drawing Things Out #7

    How about a drawing with our main cast, eh? All Gems are best Gems in my opinion!

    Art time my friends! Get it after the break.

    Source 1

  • Discussion: What Are Your Favorite Steven Universe Episodes?

    There had been a lot of Steven Universe episodes before BCB launched and while were in time for the second Steven Bomb we missed out on a lot of good episodes before hand. So I'd like to hear from all of you what are some of your favorite SU episodes so far?

    I personally like Steven's Lion since we get to meet Lion for the first time and Jailbreak for being so awesome of course. What are your faves? Discuss down in the comments!

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  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Peridot

    Peridot has quickly become everyone's favorite goofy villain from the show so it makes perfect sense that she would make for great tumblr ask blog material. Ask Peridot is our first tumblr in our Tumblr Spotlight series and for good reason! The tumblr consistently updates, has a great visual style, and some pretty decent writing to boot!

    With several pages of material to go through, you can certainly get your dose of everyone's favorite Green Dorito from here. Check the links below to get started!

    As this is our first Tumblr Spotlight, we'd love to hear from you guys about other tumblrs out there dedicated to the SU universe, whether it be OCs, characters from the show, alternate universes or what have you. If you have a tumblr to share send it to beachcitybugle@gmail.com for review. Remember, no pornographic material or extreme gore, keep submissions as PG-13 or below as possible.

    Ask Peridot - Current Page - First Page

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  • Music: Crystal Gems Cover (Extended) / Strong in the Real Way Cover

    It's music time my fine friends! We've got a cover of the intro for you today as well as a cover of Strong in the Real Way. If you need something to listen to while working, scouring the net, ect give these two a listen after the break!

    1.) Crystal Gems Cover (Extended)(Vocal)
    2.) Strong in the Real Way Cover (Vocal)

  • Animation: Jasper - Best Captain in the World! / #Gemstack

    Got some small and silly animations for you guys today! A crossover between SU and Futurama and something I can't really describe really.

    Check on after the break for both of the short films!

  • Comic: Favorite Playing / Wrong Feet

    Got to admit, this artist has to be my favorite for funny SU comics at the moment. Something about them seems to capture the humor from the show pretty accurately in my opinion.

    Comic time! Click for full!

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  • Animation: Everyday I'm Gemfusin!

    Check out a neato zottgrammes animation after the break!

  • Story: I Miss Her

    In which Amethyst has a BONE TO PICK with Pearl, but she gets about as far as Garnet did. (Pearl sits there for twenty minutes waiting for the argument she never gets.)
    [Sad] [Slice of Life]

    Author: Gemology
    Description: Life without Rose Quartz is hard for all of the Crystal Gems, but perhaps the most difficult for Pearl.

    I Miss Her