• Nightly Discussion #118

    Good evening! Young Steven is so cute! Maybe we'll get to see more of him and Greg raising him in the van. Or the gems being much more motherly when he was at a younger age. Always fussing about him and making sure he didn't get a single scrape. Whereas Greg would probably be a more, 'make your own mistakes' kind of parent, I feel like the gems would be more, 'HUMANS ARE SO FRAGILE, PROTECT AT ALL COSTS' kind of guardians. How do you think Greg and the gems parenting strategies differ? Have a fun chat tonight!

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  • Drawing Things Out #111

    Check out all of tonight's super cool art! Fantastic creative works are just after the break!

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  • SU Season 1 Songs in Spanish!

    Sotsim Brawlfan, who runs the blog Friki Friki Beach City, sent us this playlist of HD versions of season 1 SU songs - in Spanish! It's really cool to hear the songs in another language. There are 21 total, including Stronger Than You! Be sure to give them a listen, after the break!

  • Susan Egan releasing new CD, Charlyne Yi releasing new book!

    We've got two pieces of news from the SU Crew!

    Susan Egan, voice of Rose Quartz, is putting out her seventh album, called 'Softly'. It's releasing November 11, so you might want to ask for it as a stocking stuffer (if you can wait that long!).

    In addition, Charlyne Yi, voice of Ruby, is releasing her first ever illustrated book, 'Oh the Moon'! Check out the teaser below! She even wrote the song playing in the background.

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  • Spotlight Music: Ice and Fire

    Check out this super beautiful song about Ruby and Sapphire! It's an original song by starbreeis, and it's amazing! Be sure to give it a listen, after the break!

  • Doug Walker Vlogs 'Warp Tour'

    Doug Walker is back with another SU vlog! Looks like we haven't featured one of these in awhile, whoops! Be sure to check out Channel Awesome to get all caught up with the Doug Walker vlogs, and enjoy his latest video, after the break!

  • Fan Theory: Garnet and Amethyst Knew About Lapis the Whole Time

    There's been a very popular fan theory going around Tumblr that Amethyst and Garnet knew about Lapis the whole time she was in the mirror. Based on their reactions and how they differed from Pearl's, Tumblr user loreweaver-universe concluded that maybe there was more to that scene in 'Mirror Gem' than we originally thought. Check out the full theory after the break!

  • Comic: Sick Kiss / Garnet Selfie / Intervention / Schwifty Fusion

    We have an interesting variety of comics today! Click for full view and check them all out!

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  • Animation: Hologram Battle

    This animation is amazingly well done! It's very simple, and very short, but the style matches the show almost exactly! This thing looks like it came straight from the Crewniverse! Be sure to check it out, after the break!

  • ‘Steven Universe’ Gets New Toy Partners

    Looks like there are a ton more SU toys coming to shelves for the holidays! Looks like some toys and products are scheduled for a holiday release, some for spring, and some as far away as 2017 (which probably means the show will last until then!). Check out the full article with more details at the source below!
    Cartoon Network has signed on five new hardlines partners for its popular animated comedy/adventure Steven Universe. Funko, Just Toys International, PhatMojo, Toy Factory and Zag Toys have all joined in to created product lines based on Rebecca Sugar’s original series.
    ‘Steven Universe’ Gets New Toy Partners

    Thanks to Ryan, PrincessLuna135, and everyone else for sending in the news!

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