• Nightly Discussion #197

    We're just 8 days away from the end of the hiatus! That's super soon! Hope you're getting hyped, and that you keep sending in awesome content to the BCB! What did you all do for the holidays? Have any plans for the new year? Catch you in the comments!

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  • Drawing Things Out #190

    Make gingerbread houses with family? Check. Make the art post late? Check.

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  • Spotlight Music: Steven Universe Medley

    Check out this amazing instrumental medley by Bobacupcake! It's 7 minutes long, and that's pretty intense of a medley. Give it a listen, after the break!

  • AMV: Control

    A great AMV, featuring both Lapis and Peridot. They just want to go home! Now Lapis is trapped at the bottom of the ocean and nobody came to rescue Peridot and her Homeworld accomplices abandoned her to form a fusion at the bottom of the ocean! Anyway, check out the awesome AMV below the break!

  • Steven Universe Fan Coloring Book!

    DracosDerpyHoof put together an 18 page SU coloring book, aimed at adults. Of course, there's no age limit on coloring, and all the images are relatively SFW, so the coloring book is open to everyone. And guess what? It's totally free! Prints out some pages for your kids or a family function, and spread the show around!

    Get it here! (There's a download link on the right.)

    Thanks to the creator for sending it in to us!

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  • Buy ME/MYSELF by Amber Rogers on Gumroad!

    Alright, so it's not official SU merch, but if you're looking to support a member of the Crewniverse, Amber Rogers just put out a collection of autobiographical comics. And guess what? It's only $2! I bought myself a copy, and let me tell you it's worth way more than $2. Lots of personal little stories, life struggles, and fun things we can all relate to. Seriously, get a copy. But your friends a copy. Get your pets a copy. Give people on the street a copy. Just go get it!

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  • Fan Theory: Ruby and Sapphire Were ENEMIES!

    Theories abound about the upcoming Steven Bomb abound! Based on the image above and the little we've seen from the teaser (and if you're trying to keep spoiler free, this theory is not for you), how do you think this theory holds up?

  • Comic: The Real Message / Lost in Translation / Dance Off

    Steven the cutie pie is here, with three new comics! Click them for full view.

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  • Stronger Than You in Romanian!

    Check it out! It's another version of Stronger Than You! There were a couple parts where I question the translation, although I'm not sure if the closed captioning was wrong or the actual lyrics translated that way. Watch for, "Don't you see I have friends, not robots." In other news, if you watch all this song in several languages, you're sure to learn the word for love in a lot of languages!

  • Story: No Middle Ground

    Do it for her.
    [Crossover] [Grimdark]

    Author: jamwrites
    Description: On the day young Pearl is to finally become a knight, she finds herself instead dubbed a pawn in Lady Quartz' deadly game of thrones. (SU/GoT crossover)
    No Middle Ground