• Nightly Discussion #14

    Lion may be, well, a lion, but that doesn't mean you can treat him exactly like one. At least he does seem to be a pretty patient fellow!

    Evening everyone, another night of discussion. You ready for it?

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  • New Steven Universe Graphic Novel on the Way!

    According to a recent article by the LA Times a new graphic novel is scheduled for SU! In their article they reveal the cover art (above) for the story as well as some interesting information. Titled 'Steven Universe: Too Cool For School' you guys can expect to see it in December of this year.

    Furthermore, Boom Studios, who are publishing the books, says you can expect one new graphic novel at least in the near future.

    Thanks to Ryan for the heads up!

    LA Times Article

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  • Drawing Things Out #9

    Sometimes things hurt us so deep we end up indulging in things that we would normally hate in hopes that we can wipe away the pain.

    Art time folks! Ready for it?

    Source 1

  • Spotlight Music: Stronger Than You [Ashe]

    Now this is one impressive cover of Stronger Than You by Ashe! He really has some great vocals I must say.

    Check on after the break for this awesome version of the song!

  • AMV: Shut Up and Dance

    Here's a rockin' AMV for you followers to enjoy while we all totally PATIENTLY out wait the hiatus. Enjoy it after the break!

  • Discussion: What are you Expecting From Steven Bomb 3?

    With the next Steven Bomb just a couple weeks away it's time to start speculating about what exactly we are to expect. While we know that Sardonyx appears to be coming, what else can we possibly wish for?

    So my question to you all today is simple: what do you wish to see in the upcoming Steven Bomb? Are you looking for more backstory for Lion? Some more exploration of Pearl's relationship with Rose? Or are you just looking forward to some wacky fun?

    Leave your thoughts down in the comments!

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  • Comic: Master / Lapis' New Pet

    Now this is the sort of stuff Ronaldo should really be reporting on. What sort of evil plans does this one have in store for our heroes?

    Comics again guys! Click for full!

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  • Spotlight Music: Kathy Chan Do It For Him Cover / Do It For Him Piano Cover

    Sworn to the Sword just keeps getting covers for Do It For Him! I think we've found the fandom's new favorite song!

    Get two awesome covers after the break! Thanks to KS for sending them in!

    1.) Kathy Chan Do It For Him Cover (Vocal)
    2.) Do It For Him Piano Cover (Instrumental)

  • Comic: Shapeshifty / Giant Woman

    Yep, we're still not done with Neodusk! He probably has the best SU comics out there, well, of the ones we know of at least!

    Comic time! Click for full!

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  • Story: Blank Gem


    Author: spiderwilliam13

    Description: It's time...Rose Quartz is about to have her baby, and there are a few things she wants to say to the gems before she goes. And they have something to tell her as well...

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