• Crewniverse Live Fan Q&A Tonight!

    Hey, instead of a nightly discussion, we wanted to let you know that some of the SU voice actors will be taking over the SU official Facebook page to answer YOUR questions, live during the west coast airing of today's episode. So switch on your TV and hop on over to Facebook to join in!

    Twitter: Emerald
  • Meep Morp #509

    Sorry for the delay, Emerald had to wade through screenshots of today's episode to find enough meep morps!

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  • Gem Harvest - Episode Discussion/Streams

    The hiatus is over! Rebecca Sugar and company are back to destroy delight us with more Steven Universe. But what sort of episode awaits us today? Let's look at the evidence: Double-length running time, hasn't aired early in France, and named Gem Harvest.

    My friends, we are going to die.

    Hold on tight to your favorite gems, folks, and be prepared to scream (Warning: LOUD"No!" as they have their poor little spirits broken by the unspeakable horrors about to be inflicted upon them. This won't be a happy little light-hearted episode, no... it's gonna be a deep episode, a dark episode. That dark episode dat Yellow Diamond comin' for you, gem kid! She hates your mother! She don't care, she's Yellow Diamond!

    Fear this reaper, folks, because no measley little cowbell can save you now.

    Prepare to lie down and try not to cry at 7:30 ET/PT on Cartoon Network! If you can't see through your tears, we've got streams and downloads after the break.

    And remember, those who discuss episode details in the comments before the episode airs will be the first to be harvested! Don't let it be you!
  • Will The Diamonds Be Good Villains?

    So the Diamonds have been hyped up as the biggest bad of them all. So far we only know for sure that Yellow Diamond exists in the current timeline. So if the Diamond(s) eventually come to Earth, will they live up ot the hype? What kind of powers might they have?

  • 7 Facts About Pearl You Should Know

    Here are some fun facts and tidbits you should know about Pearl! There's definitely some interesting stuff listed!

  • Fan Theory: Rose Used the Breaking Point!

    If the Breaking Point was so dangerous, why wasn't it destroyed. Bismuth obviously showed it to Rose, and judging from the episode Bismuth itself, their battle was similar to that of Bismuth and Steven. So why did Rose choose to keep such a weapon around if she didn't believe in using it? Was she lying to Bismuth, just as she lied to her friends about knowing Bismuth's whereabouts?

  • My Thoughts On: Same Old World

    Well, not MY thoughts, but HappyGoLucky's! That's just what she titled her video as. A great episode with some awesome backstory for Lapis is sure to leave a good impression! Even if Peridot's hair wasn't big enough.

  • Story: Everyone's a Critic


    Author: AbelQuartz
    Description: Connie and Steven discover the joys of reading with the brand-new prequel to the Unfamiliar Familiar book series! But when something troubles Connie about the book, Steven has to parse out his own heart with his desire for a happy ending.
    Everyone's a Critic