• Nightly Discussion #58

    Hey there! Has anybody noticed that many times when Lapis is written/drawn as silly or a prankster, instead of super serious, people claim "that's not canon Lapis!" I mean, yeah, she's been through some rough times, but remember canonically that Lapis loved making the fart sound to entertain Steven while she was trapped in the mirror. I mean, can you imagine, being used to record historic events and places for thousands of years, and then all of a sudden someone comes along with the first humor you've had in millenniums? That's some crazy stuff!

    So, does anyone have any headcanons?

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  • Article: Steven Universe is the Feminist Animated Superhero We Need

    Emertainment Monthly put out a cool article detailing how Steven Universe is pushing the boundaries of children's television programming. SU has made a conscious an effort to break down gender roles, leaving gender stereotypes more loose and less defined, blurring the lines between what society normally sees as "for boys" or "for girls." Steven Universe is striving to teach kids to be more understanding, tolerant, and perhaps even more knowledgeable, about things and people they may not have a great familiarity with. Give the article a read, there's a lot of great info packed in!


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  • Drawing Things Out #52

    Cool art is coming your way!

    Source 1

  • Gemsona Stats Sheets

    Gemsona-HQ on Tumblr has set up some pretty cool Gemsona Stats sheets, with a handy guide for creating a well balanced Gemsona! There are a variety of different backgrounds to choose from for the sheets, so be sure to check out the source for all the choices! They are also reblogging stats sheets with the #GemsonaStatsSheet tag, so if you'd like a little feature, make one of these sheets up and post it! You might learn more about your character in the process.


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  • Music: Comet (Feat. Hayley Armstrong) (Cover/Remix) / Be Wherever You Are (Cover) / We're Malachite Now (Remix)

    Come on and share these jams with me!

    1.) Like a Comet (Cover) (Remix)
    2.) Be Wherever You Are (Cover)
    3.) We're Malachite Now (Remix)

  • Comic: Kiss / She Tried / Tiny

    Little bit of Ruby and Sapphire for your Sunday!

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  • AMV: Warriors

    Check out this neat AMV, after the break!


    But why.

  • Comic: Alternate Uses / I Win! / Thank You

    Peridorito is here, bringing today's comic post! Click for full view

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  • Animation: Greg VS Pearl

    What can I say about this animation? Well, it's fresh. Just came out yesterday! What else? It's really weird, but worth it. Check it out!

  • Story: Crystal Grumps

     newborn gemlings!! of course they’re not all the same age, but i wanted to show their first generation outfits!
    [Adventure] [Crossover]

    Author: baybop
    Description: The story of the Homeworld and its attack on earth. Several stories intermingle and form together to create the story of how the crystal grumps form and live. The villainous Homeworld will form as well, creating an epic rivalry between those who want to protect Earth, and those who want to destroy it. Inspired by tumblr user Alligator-Jigglin-Fevers AU. 
    Crystal Grumps

    Crystal Grumps Character Guide