• Nightly Discussion #198

    Haha, well, I knew I'd forget about this if I didn't make it at the same time as the art post, but no, I thought I could have a good memory for once. I'm a rock star. What Homeworld Gem would you like to know more about? Lapis, Jasper, or Peridot? Or someone else? Have fun with this late chat!

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  • Drawing Things Out #191

    That's a lot of Peridot's! Original Peridot is never going to the store again! Of course, this was bound to happen with blue being a peridot's favorite color. Check out all other the great art tonight!

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  • SU Reference in DragonBall Z Abridged: Episode 51

    Dragon Ball Z Abridged made an obvious reference to Steven Universe. Luckily it's right at the beginning, so you don't have to search through the episode for it!

  • Spotlight Music: I Am Lapis Lazuli (Remix)

    It's been about 2 months since the last SU remix from Video Game Remixes. There's a ton of other great stuff on the channel, so be sure to go subscribe for all the music, including stuff that's not SU! And check out the latest remix, after the break.

  • Steven, Steven, Steven Compilation

    Nine and a half minutes of every single character saying Steven. Fantastic! And there are stats at the end. Before you watch the video, who do you think has said Steven the most times?

  • Fan Theory: Amethyst Will Betray The Crystal Gems

    Will Peridot doing all this butt kissing bonding with Amethyst, and treating her potentially better than Garnet and Pearl do, do you think Amethyst could ever turn against her friends and side with Homeworld? What if Peridot ends up finding a way back to Homeworld, and invites Amethyst to come along? Which side would she choose? Check out the theory below, and leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • SU Funko Pop Figure Giveaway!

    Check it out! Dou Hong on YouTube is giving away a Hot Topic Steven Funko figure! You have until New Years to enter, so head on over to the video to enter! Be sure to read the description for details.

  • Comic: Homeworld Gem Classroom / Happy / Present / Jellyfish

    Homeworld Gem comic time! Maybe we'll get to see more than Peridot as far as Homeworld Gems once the hiatus ends.

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  • AMV: Believe

    Shoot, I totally failed at holiday posts on Christmas. Oh well, I'm not going to feel bad about belated holiday posts until after New Years!

  • Story: Impermanence

    we’re stevonnie!

    Author: hamm1babe
    Description: When Steven and Connie are 15-years-old, they choose to stop unfusing. "What is the point," they ask, "when we are always practicing together and practically dating anyways?" Superficially this is a story about the pros and cons of such a commitment. Subtly, it seeks to express the complicated emotions involved when choosing individualism over cohabitation, and the rewards of finding peace in boundaries. Written to reflect my own feelings towards the recent demise of a long-term relationship in my life. Enjoy :-)