• Nightly Discussion #24

    And thus, the day closes on Emerald's sole reign of terror on the Beach City Bugle. But I had to gay it up one more time with the header image. Enjoy conversing in the comments!

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  • Fan Dub: Eyeliner

    A cute little dub to wind down the day!

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  • Drawing Things Out #18

    They put Emerald in charge for a night, which means prepare yourselves for the gayest art post of your lives!

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  • Fan Theory: Malachite is Sardonyx?

    If you checked out the Drawing Things Out #17 last  night, you probably saw three images of a fan version of Sardonyx. And if you checked out the 9am comic post today, it also featured art from the same user.

    There's a really neat theory about her origin going around Tumblr. You can check out the full theory after the break, and discuss in the comments!
  • Music: Giant Woman Remix / IMPOSSIBLE REMIX - Steven Universe Theme / Steven Universe Theme Song Cover / Lion's Theme (Music Box) / Giant Woman (Cover)

    Get a bunch of music, after the break!

    1.) Giant Woman (Remix)
    2.) Steven Universe Theme (Remix)
    3.) Steven Universe Theme (Cover)
    4.) Lion's Theme (Instrumental)
    5.) Giant Woman (Cover)

  • Comic: Pearl VS Greg / Hot Dad / Best Choice / A Map / Dating Advice

    Looks like Greg gets to be the center of this comic post! Click for full view, and catch a glimpse of that sweet rock star! Plus 5 comics, for BONUS DAY!

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  • Steven Universe at San Diego Comic-Con!

    FRIDAY, JULY 10 2015 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


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  • AMV: Amethyst's Mess

    Check out this super neat Amethyst centered AMV, after the break! The chosen song fits her really well.
  • Tumblr Spotlight: The Overcooked Runt and Ask the Homeworld Squad

    Don't let the semi-sloppy MS Paint art fool you! A whole bunch of SU ask blogs were doing an 'only draw in MS Paint' challenge. Click through the pages to see the normal quality of artwork. In any case, that Amethyst above should be cute enough to get you to check it out!

    The Overcooked Runt - Current Page - First Page

    AND, because it's BONUS DAY, 2X the Spotlights! There's an awesome ask blog that started up just two weeks ago. It's a collaborative effort between two artists, so that's awesome! The antics have been pretty hilarious so far, and the ask box is open now!

    Ask the Homeworld Squad - Current Page - First Page

    We'd love to hear from you guys about other tumblrs out there dedicated to the SU universe, whether it be OCs, characters from the show, alternate universes or what have you. If you have a tumblr to share send it to beachcitybugle@gmail.com for review. Remember, no pornographic material or extreme gore, keep submissions as PG-13 or below as possible.

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  • Comic: Kindergartener / SARDONYX Theory / Momswapped / Go Suck a Lemon, Jasper / False Mission

    Wow, sassy Peridot much? Have 5 comics in one post! It's like Macy's BONUS DAY SALE! The last one even has a dub!

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  • Steven Bomb 3 Beach City BINGO!

    With Steven Bomb 3.0 just a week away, PLEASE CONTAIN YOUR HYPE, we wanted to let you all know about Steven Universe BINGO! marshmallowsupernova made an awesome Bingo card generator, in honor of Steven Bombs. Click here for the post.

    Here's the quick link for generating a card: http://www.redshirt.co.uk/bingo/newcard.html Remember to hit Share My Card at the bottom to get a unique link for your Bingo card. Otherwise, when you go back to the page, it will generate a whole new card for you. The BCB team will also have a unique card and be playing along during the week. We recommend not picking a card until the day of the first episode, just in case it gets updated. The Bingo card is for the whole week, not just each episode, so keep it handy every day! We'll have a post in a week where you can put your links in the comments so we can all check out who's close to a Bingo! That's also where we'll be posting our own Bingo card.

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  • Comic: Sleep / Worry / Opal / Calming

    It is not my fault if all comic artists want to draw is Pearl and Amethyst together. I don't control the media, I just post it! And I happen to like theming comic posts when possible! Anyway, click for full view!

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  • Comic: Stronger Enemy

    GET READY FOR BONUS DAY! Many of today's posts are going to be bigger and better, like Sugilite (my favorite fusion)! Starting with a 9am comic wake up call! Click it for the full view!

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  • 3am: Tomato

    Now for the real pacific time 3am post! Everyone tell Calpain how great I am doing so far.
  • Animation: Lapidot.mp4

    Happy 3am mid-USA! Calpain went out of town and left me in charge. I hope you're ready for things to be gay as hell today.