• Nightly Discussion #274

    Gems with freckles though, yes or yes? You know, real Lapis Lazuli has specks of gold pyrite in it. The potential for freckles while keeping realistic rock colors in the gems was totally a possibility. And pearls, pearls are made from sand, right? What if Pearl's freckles were sandy colored? Freckles could totally work. Anybody think we'll see a gem with freckles at some point in the show?

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  • Drawing Things Out #267

    Rose Quartz has so much hair! I always admire artists who draw her hair, especially those that go above and beyond and make it even bigger than it is in the show! And so much detail. Gosh dang yo.

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  • Catch the Kids Choice Awards Tonight! (Updated With Stream!)

    Steven Universe was nominated for favorite cartoon back in February. Well, the votes are in, and it's time for the Kids Choice awards! Tune in to Nickelodeon at 8pm EST (15 minutes!). Hopefully Nick.com will be livestreaming! If not, maybe Michaela Dietz, voice of Amethyst, will give us some sneak peeks on her twitter or via periscope!

  • Fan Dub: Trading Spaces

    I edited the dub into a video at 3am because just embedding the audio in a post would be weird. Enjoy this really well done fan dub!

  • Fan Theory: Door Inconsistency

    SU does have a few animation errors or things the Crewniverse overlooks. Usually fans catch them, throw them up on the SU wiki, and then forget until the next time they watch the episode. But few animation errors are so consistent as the one revealed below. But with everything done so purposefully and so many crucial plot points hinted at, could there be a deeper meaning behind this supposed animation error? Honestly probably not.

    Let us know in the comments which theory you think is the most plausible!

  • Spotlight Music: What Can I Do For You? (Cover)

    It has got to be super fun to cover the 80's-esque songs from SU. At first it was just Greg who rocked, but after What Can I Do For You?, Rose took the stage by storm! Check out Even Skies awesome cover, below! It's definitely worth a listen!

  • AMV: Angel With a Shotgun

    Check out this really cool AMV! Definitely great editing, and an excellent choice of song!

  • Comic Updates: Pressure / New Home / Team Building

    Wow, all three of these are still going strong! Any idea which one will conclude first? I don't think there are any fandoms comics that have gone on for as long as the three we keep making update posts for. Remember if you haven't read any of these to use /chrono after the link, to see the comic updates in order. Or if you feel like starting any of these from the beginning! They're all great reads, so click the pictures to view the latest updates!

  • YTP: Hiatus Bomb 1.4: Yellow Pearl is a Useless Switchboard Operator

    Snowstorm Thirteen just finished releasing a series of YTP's in honor of the last Steven Bomb and the current hiatus. Here's part 4/5! We'll be featuring them out of order and whenever because news is slow.

  • Story: Use Mine

    Is this where I call myself trash?   *Faintly audible sobbing from behind an unseen monitor*
    [Sad] [Shipping]

    Author: Shujinkakusama
    Description: Pearls are meant to be owned, take instruction from other Gems, and Garnet is the only possible candidate after Rose's death. Neither of them is happy about this.
    Use Mine
  • 3AM: Good Shit

    We were all thinking it.

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