• Nightly Discussion #137

    How are you all tonight? Hope Monday wasn't too hard on your folks going back to work. What fun stuff did everybody do this weekend? Also, it's really cool how much character development we've been getting for Pearl recently. Now if only the Crewniverse would drop us a line as to Ruby/Sapphire and Garnet's origins! Enjoy this evening's chat!

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  • Drawing Things Out #129

    Woo hoo! It's another super amazing art post! We may be in a hiatus, but the fandom isn't stopping it's creative flow!

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  • Analysis: Basic Shapes / Do You Like Pie?

    Here to point out some contradictions between episodes, it's scampy! You know when a character says one thing in an episode, and then later says the exact opposite? Scampy is here to bring Steven and Pearl's lies to justice, after the break!

  • Comic: New Duty / Human Fusion / Separation Anxiety

    The first comic today is really lengthy and well done! All the comics are great, so be sure to check out all the featured comics and click for full view.

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  • AMV: Life Goes On

    This is a toss up between a sort of AMV and a sort of trailer. It's a great recap for how we've see Rose's character growth, and how her existence affected other characters. It's really well put together, so be sure to check it out, after the break!

  • Grace Rolek Reveals Spoilers at Animate Miami

    Grace Rolek, voice actress for Connie Maheswaran, had a panel at Animate Miami. She and Zach Callison revealed some interesting hints about the future of the show, and a fan even asked Grace to yell "John Cena!" in Connie's voice (see the video after the break). The info below isn't extreme spoilers, but if you want to avoid all information upcoming episodes, even stuff that's vague, better skip it.

  • Comic: Kiss Catch / Updog / Tools

    Be sure to give these great Amethyst and Peridot comics a read!

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  • Doug Walker Vlogs 'Open Book'

    It's great that Doug Walker keeps these analysis videos coming during the hiatus! Check out the latest, after the break!

  • Animation: SpongeBob Universe

    Check out this odd, but well done, animation, after the break! Exactly what it says on the tin.