• Nightly Discussion #208

    There have been some doozies in this here Steven Bomb! And two more episodes to go. I wonder what the episode at the end of the week holds. I hope we start to get regular episodes and not another hiatus after the bomb. That would be tough. It's been a a great week so far, super excited for what's to come!

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  • Steven Universe Review - Steven's Birthday

    We learned some cool info about Steven in this episode, and got to see some great character development of both the half gem, and his relationship with Connie. It seems that even though Steven can't give himself a sudden growth spurt, he can slowly age as human do, if he feels older. I believe that Steven is literally only as old as he feels, so although he changed his physical form in the episode, it didn't feel right to him - it felt like what was expected. Just like when he tried to force his shield in 'Gem Glow'. Check out AJ Universe's review of the latest episode, after the break!

  • New Promo From CN!

    A new 3 second promo released before the episode aired today! Check it out after the break.

  • Drawing Things Out #201

    Wowee! So much episode fan art! There's actually some variety tonight. Check out all the awesome stuff in tonight's post!

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  • AMV Compilation: Ruby and Sapphire Edition

    Fans have taken some of the scenes in 'The Answer' and placed different music into them. It's been pretty fitting so far. Check out three redefined scenes, after the break!

  • 'Something Entirely New' Set to Crewniverse Sketches and Storyboards

    An awesome video that showcases a ton of art from the Crewniverse from while the episode was in production. Want to see a lot of the art from the video up close? Right here! Check out the awesome video below!

  • It Could've Been Great - Episode Discussion/Streams

    Life is full of disappointments. Sometimes you've got a wonderful idea, but it's just not working out. You keep hammering away at the work, but you just can't get it to fall into place. Deadlines loom, and you just have to ship it, warts and all. Nothing you can do but sigh and say, "It could've been great."

    They say art comes from adversity, and there's few greater adversaries to art than the threat of mediocrity. Yet it happens all the time. Especially nowadays, popular culture is littered with examples of things that could've been great, but fell short. There's no shame in it.

    Every Steven Bomb has had an episode that didn't quite land on its feet. Political Power, Rising Tides/Crashing Skies, Onion Friend... at least this time, the Crewniverse just came out and admitted it right in the title. Sit back and "brace yourselves" for what is probably a "plot-lite" episode, most likely starring or at least involving one of the Boardies we haven't seen in a while. Here's hoping it's an interesting one, like Nanefua. That'd be fun actually! Maybe it won't be so bad!

    The true fans will still be watching at 5:30 ET/PT on Cartoon Network. If you're on the fence, maybe sneak a peek in one of the streams listed after the break.

  • Episode Followup: Steven's Birthday

    It's Steven's Birthday! After hearing the story of Garnet's birthday, I'm all jazzed to celebrate! Let the party commence! Now remember, Steven promised that he wouldn't age himself to death this year, so we should be safe. Let's dive in!

  • Fan Theory: Ruby Caused Steven Universe

    Ruby couldn't have known that Sapphire predicted the rebels would be captured if she was destroyed. As a soldier, she was supposed to follow orders. Her orders were to protect Sapphire, and that's exactly what she did. Do you think Ruby inadvertently caused the entire plot of Steven Universe to unfold? Check out the theory after the break and see what you think!

  • UPDATED: 'The Answer' Concepts, Layouts, and Storyboards From the Crewniverse

    The Crewniverse has provided us with some awesome tidbits from 'The Answer'. All the cool stuff is after the break!

  • Matt Burnett Confirms We Will Never See Steven Again

    Oh well, show was good while it lasted! Darn budget cuts, sometimes you just have to take out characters. Maybe it'll focus on the Homeworld Gems now and we'll finally get to see Lapis again.

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