• Nightly Discussion #158

    Hi there! It's time for another Nightly Discussion! I wonder if Lapis and Jasper's personalities will see a change at all once they unfuse from Malachite. There didn't seem to be a change with Garnet and Amethyst after they unfused from Sugilite taking over, however, Malachite has been fused for much longer. Oh, wouldn't a battle between Sugilite and Malachite be super cool? What do you think? Will Malachite cause Lapis and Jasper to change?

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  • Drawing Things Out #150

    What's up everybody? Time to enjoy some super cool artwork!

    Source 1

  • Comic: Gift / Uh Oh / Insult Comedy / Fusion

    Peridot? More like Peri-adorable! Check out some fan comics about what Peridot has been up to while living with the Crystal Gems.

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  • Spotlight Music: Steven Universe Medley

    Another awesome medley from the SU community! This one is a whopping 6 minutes long. Listen to it, after the break!

  • AMV: I'm Glad You Came

    Check out this cool AMV, after the break!

  • Fan Theory: Pearl/Connie Parallel

    Not so much a theory so much as it's just an observation. Pearl threw away her life time after time for Rose, but did Rose ever give her life for Pearl? Their relationship was definitely one sided, but perhaps a bit more than we had thought.

    “In a real battle, Steven won’t be there to save you!”
    I wonder.
    We’ve seen that Pearl was there for Rose, over and over and over and over.  Whether she was wanted or not, whether she was needed or not, Pearl was always there to save Rose.
    But…In the Connie/Steven relationship she’s built up as a parallel to her own relationship with Rose, Connie isn’t Rose–she’s Pearl.
    How many times was Rose not there for Pearl?
    How many times did Pearl die alone, hurting, frightened, convinced there must be a very good reason Rose didn’t save her, that it was all part of the ~master plan~ her idol had for the war?  How many of Pearl’s deaths did she think were necessary, and how many of Pearl’s deaths does she think, deep down, could have been prevented if Rose was only there?

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  • SU Icons For Your Desktop!

    cloudyrei on DeviantArt put together some awesome icon packs! There are four different sets to choose from: Crystal Gems, fusions, Alexandrite, and the Homeworld Gems! Click each link to go to the set, where you can download them for use! You can even mix and match the icons from each pack. Decorate your desktop with Steven!

  • Comic: Meet Dad / Uncomfortable / Ruthless

    Peridot has definitely become a more popular character since her redemption arc aired! There seems to be a definite increase in Peridot comics and artwork. Enjoy today's comics, and click for full view.

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    This maybe would have been better as a 3am post, but it's pretty funny so I think it's worth more people seeing it. Check out the neat crossover video, after the break!

  • AMV: American Boy

    This is an awesome AMV! The song choice is great, since it's sunk by Estelle (voice of Garnet). The clips are of amazing quality, and flow really well with the song. Give the AMV a watch, after the break!