• Nightly Discussion #263

    Interesting how fans get caught up on the characters we know the least about. I guess it makes sense, since that means that most headcanons are valid up until the point that character gets more development - if they do. And if they don't, fans are left free to believe what they want to believe. Who's your favorite "background" character in SU?

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  • Drawing Things Out #256

    Whoop whoop, awesome art time!

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  • Top 10 Most Popular Gems

    The votes are in and Cartoon Universe is counting down the 10 most popular gems! Who do you think is the most popular?

  • Music: Peace and Love (Cover) / Giant Woman (Cover) / Love Like You (Cover) / You're a Clod (Parody)

    Check out all the awesome covers and other music in today's music post!

    1.) Peace and Love (Cover)
    2.) Giant Woman (Cover)
    3.) Love Like You (Cover)
    4.) You're a Clod (Parody)

  • Fan Theory: Steven's Subconscious

    When Steven's powers were first revealed, they worked at somewhat of a sporadic rate. He summoned his shield by eating ice cream, and yet couldn't replicate that ability when he needed it in battle later in the episode. He formed a bubble around himself and Connie, and then couldn't figure out how to make it go away. Now, he seems to summon his shield with ease, and has great control over his bubble abilities. A human mind does not seem to work the same as a gem mind, so it makes sense that his powers wouldn't manifest in the same way they did for Rose Quartz. Check out this theory about Steven's subconscious!

  • Craft Compiliation Post #9

    Time for some fan-freaking-tastic crafts!

  • Fan Theory: All About Fusion

    Some fusions look pretty normal, like Garnet. Aside from her third eye, she has the right number of arms and legs to match what the other gems, and humans, naturally look like. Other fusions, like Opal, Sugilite, Sardonyx, and Malachite, all have extra arms. That makes sense for Sugilite, since she's composed of three gems. But Opal and Malachite are only made of two gems, so why the extra parts? Check out some theories on gem fusion in the video below!

  • Comic: The Three-Eyed Beast

    Just one comic today! But this one has 10 parts. Click the picture above to go to part 1, and find the other parts linked in the post description!

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  • Doug Walker Vlogs: Friend Ship

    Time for another exciting episode of Doug Walker Vlogs! Ah yes, the end of Steven Bomb 3. When all the Pearlnet shippers gave praise to Rebecca Sugar, before Pearlmethyst took over Steven Bomb 4. Good gosh when was the last time we had episodes on a weekly basis? Anyway, enjoy the latest vlog!

  • Story: Two Gems and a Baby

    Still believe there were times Pearl got especially panicked when they were first learning how to take care of Steven and even Amethyst knew it wasn’t a time to tease.  But then there were plenty of other times when they squabbled about who got to feed and hold and play with him.
    [Slice of Life]

    Author: eddifying
    Description: What happens when two of the Crystal Gems are left in charge of baby Steven for one night? One of the most challenging missions they’ve ever experienced, of course.
    Two Gems and a Baby