• Nightly Discussion #190

    Today certainly was exciting! Be sure to try to leave spoilers out of the nightly discussion. I'm still super hyped up for new episodes, and really soon at that! Catch you in the comments!

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  • Drawing Things Out #182

    Enjoy tonight's amazing art post!

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  • Steven Universe watches Steven Universe

    What if every time a TV showed up in Steven Universe, it was playing Steven Universe? mkatwood answers this question with the awesomely edited video below! Check out the awesome and hilarious Steven Universe watches Steven Universe edit, after the break!

  • Fan Theory: Who is in Control with Garnet?

    The fandom was rocked when we found out Garnet was a fusion. Sure, it was rumored throughout the fandom, but there wasn't really solid evidence until it was finally revealed in Jail Break. But now that we know, the Crewniverse doesn't shy away from hints about her fusion in season 2, and Ruby and Sapphire even got an unfused episode. But didn't Garnet seem more put together before Jasper tore her apart? Check out some neat observations from the fandom about determining if Ruby and Sapphire sometimes split control of the fusion.

  • Poll Results: Favorite Type of Content to See on BCB?

    What do you guys most like to see on the BCB?

    With 492 votes, Official News/Stuff From the Crewniverse is what you guys like best! Not surprising, since it relates directly to the show.

    In close second place is Comics, with 410 votes. Sorry there aren't more! They take a lot longer to make than a singular art piece. I love the fan comics too!

    And with 346 votes, Drawing Things Out/Art is the third most liked content on BCB. I definitely see the Drawing Things Out posts a lot in the Popular Posts box on the side of the site.

    Check out the new poll on the side!

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  • Steven Universe Returns January 4th at 5:30 EST!

    YES THAT'S RIGHT! Fans went so crazy, they crashed the original site that the Crewniverse linked announcing the news. And not just any date in January! January 4th! That's 17 days! BUT WAIT! THAT'S NOT ALL! ORDER NOW AND YOU'LL GET A STEVEN BOMB! THAT'S RIGHT, 5 NEW EPISODES WHEN THE HIATUS ENDS! What are those 5 episodes? Check after the break! Also there's a 50 second preview of an episode that's a total cliffhanger CREWNIVERSE WHY?! Also the airtime is 5:30 EST.

  • 'Friend Ship' Backgrounds, Props, and Effects from the Crewniverse!

    The Crewniverse released some awesome backgrounds and animation props and stuff yesterday on their Tumblr. It's cool that they're still releasing stuff, even during the hiatus. Check out a collection of images from the episode, after the break!

  • Funko Pop Figure Prototype Images!

    Danny Hynes got to put together the preliminary sketches for the Steven Universe Funko Pop figures that are out now! Check out the awesome sketches below the break!

  • Steven Universe Review - Steven and the Stevens

    Here's another SU review from AJ Universe! He's been putting this out super quickly, and it's great to have community content to watch/listen to during the hiatus break. Check out the latest episode review below!

  • Steven Universe Season 3 Opening

    Don't be surprised that 2 months into the hiatus, I just start trolling all of you with outdated fandom videos. Honestly though, 8 1/2 months after this video's creation and new comments and views are still rolling in on it. BCB's going to do it's part to keep this YTP alive, gosh dangit!